Chasing the Sunset

I hate to drive after dark and was worried because I was late leaving. I figured out exactly when I should leave to make it there by sunset. I was thinking as I was driving yesterday that I was chasing the sunset. It would start getting dark from the cloud cover but then up ahead I’d see an end to the cloud wall and blue sky beyond. I’d get closer and then see nothing but dark clouds again, and then blue sky again up ahead, and close to Augusta I caught up to the sun and it was in my eyes (and we were together ten years :-P) so I had to get out my sunglasses. So this sounded all poetic and hopeful in my head until I searched the phrase online and it seems like chasing sunsets is like running an impossible to win race, like running on a hamster wheel. But then I remembered I did actually catch up to where I was using the passenger side visor to block it. So then I don’t know. There’s something here I’m just not sure what. I think our life together is the sunset. That never sets. So it’s really just.. Hey, do you think if you could chase the sunset around the world, you’d never age a day?

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