August 13, 2006 – Sunday

Great weekend. We didn’t have T. and J., just S., but I got some more school shopping done on Saturday and came out of The Growing Place and Goodwill spending the same amount I spent last weekend at Target except when I walked out of Target I had six items and when I got out of The Growing Place and Goodwill I had about 30 items! And everything I got was Gap, Old Navy, Levis, and Carters. I love bargains!
Sunday, after the Sunday morning grocery shopping and then lunch ritual, we went for a drive to Clifton and hiked up Peaked Mountain. It was quite a haul and we were worn out but the time we got to the top but the view was beautiful. I love going hiking and we usually go down on MDI or at Baxter State Park, but we’ve decided to explore some areas closer to home lately. The Bangor City Forest is a nice walk, too. We did that a couple of weeks ago. There are a few different trails you can walk or bike, and there is a boardwalk that was built through a bog and it also goes through a stunted black spruce forest. The trees are all over 100 years old but the tallest ones stand only up to 6 or 7 feet tall, most are only 3 or 4 ft tall, and you feel like a giant towering over this vast miniature forest. I thought we were going to see some elves or faeries, or hobbits or something. Anyway, this weekend was beautiful.
And I found out the cashier at Walmart who has waited on us before a few times and I had no clue who she was, turns out I went to school with her at the vocational school in the computer class. She was my best friend at voc and I didn’t even recognize her!
I’ve spent the last 15 years living for my kids: working, coming home, cooking supper, going to bed, getting up and doing it all over again, and spending time with the family of whatever current significant other at the time, and I lost touch with so many people – my own family and friends. I’ve wondered about what has happened to friends I used to know, who knows if they have ever wondered about me, but there are also many people around who are pretty cool but I’ve never bothered to get to know because it just takes too much time to invest in new friends, time I don’t have. But maybe I need to start taking more time for myself and other people. It would be too bad to die tomorrow and everyone say, “yeah, I used to know her a long time ago but haven’t seen her in years”, or “I know who she is, but I don’t really know her”, or worst of all – NOBODY comes to my funeral!!
I don’t know what my point is. I guess meeting that old friend today just made me think about where I am right now.
Anyway, I’m tired. Goodnite!

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