September 15, 2006 – Friday

Warning: Just more of my bitching
R’s at work and he’ll be home soon so I suppose I should get off this and start picking up around here. I have absolutely nothing to write about. Well, maybe. On top of our .50 across the board raise taking place October 1st, I got another 2.5% today. I got my review today at work and it was good except I’m too quiet (1. I get work done best when I do it by myself, and 2. I don’t mesh with “the clique” people, and 3. I generally don’t run complaining to him about everything) and he wants me to be more of a “go to” person (because I’m a great worker and wicked smart, too) when coverage is needed for someone else or to do other tasks in the department (be more of a team player). I do what I can but I don’t want my own stuff to be left unfinished, and I went after my current job to get AWAY from doing receptionist stuff, and I want nothing to do with the mental health side of the dept. – I KNOW medical stuff – I do NOT know mental health stuff and don’t want to. I think everyone must think all I do is transcription because if there is something else to be done I am the one who gets asked ( I AM a go to person (and I have a hard time saying “no”) – Oh, Dr’s on vaca this week so L.has no typing to do, she needs work) and it irritates me that there are people who have nothing on their desks who sit around and email all day while I have piles of not just transcription, but new charts to make, charts to file papers in and put away, reports to mail out, consents to mail out, records to print off, phone call records requests to make, requests and records to fax… Some people need to learn self-direction, motivation, and discipline and there are some people (me included) who need to learn to delegate their overload to those who don’t have enough to keep themselves occupied or can’t find themselves something to do. We have people in our office making maybe 40-50,000 a year who do absolutely nothing! And I may be quiet, but I talk to the people I WANT to talk to… some of these people I just plain DON’T LIKE, I don’t bother wasting my time getting to know them or pretending I like them because I just don’t give a shit! And where can you work where salaried means you punch in at 8:15 when you start at 8 and leave at 3 or 4 (or whenever you feel like it) when you’re scheduled to 4:30?? Salaried to me always meant you work 40 or more hours (until your work for the day is finished) and no matter if you work 35 hours one day, 40 hours another, and 50 hours the next you would be paid a set amount. So why is it all of the salaried in our office take advantage of not having to punch out and leave as early as they want to?? You work 4 hours and you’re paid for the entire day, so you can leave at 1 for an appointment and not have to use PEP time, whereas I’m screwed out of PEP time all the time, including when I have to leave even earlier to wait for the bus to take me to my car downtown (something “allied health” people don’t have to deal with – they park on campus). This all just really pisses me off, so if I don’t get it out here… it’s bad enough my officemate and I bitch about this stuff all day at work – and I think we just feed off each other’s negativity. It’s terrible. Anyway, that’s it for today.

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