October 28, 2006 – Saturday

Aunt M….Totalled…A Wife…
Just when I think I have nothing left to blog about, a bunch of new things pop up.
M. got here Thursday, picked up a rental at the airport, and got to our house and we went out to eat. T. came home from bowling in the meantime and didn’t have his keys on him but luckily his dad was picking him up for supper anyway. So he picked up Tyler but we were gone til 8:30 so he was stuck over there til then. We had to go to Walmart afterwards to get J. a witch costume, me a gift for our Halloween swap at work, and S. a fruit tray for her party at daycare on Friday.
Meanwhile, actually the night before, I got an email on myspace from someone claiming to be a guy I used to email on S.com and that I might get contacted by his wife, but I knew the writing style was not the same, and turns out it was his wife who found a huge word file on his computer full of emails with me. I emailed her back and said I could tell it was her not him because the writing style was different. I told her I did email him a few years ago, before I met my husband. I have nothing to hide, I was not married at the time. I never had a “real” conversation with him and never met him in person, and I moved on to a real relationship and got married, and I gave her a different email address to contact me if she wants to know anything more. She emailed me back and boy is he a crazy asshole! I had also emailed him at work and he said “yeah, she’s been digging lately. You should avoid any further communication with me” (I still remembered his email address from years ago) and I replied back and told him that I already replied to her and admitted to emailing him years ago, and that if he was too stupid to protect himself (not to mention me and my name and contact info) – I wasn’t going to protect him. The good part – his wife is a lawyer and he’s screwed. The bad part – I might have a crazy man stalking me and hunting me down someday.
Back to the weekend with M. It didn’t start well. I was on my way to take Sarah to daycare and take myself to work, and I wrecked the car. I turned off W. St. onto S. St. and then I have no idea what the hell I did but it was a moment of inattention I guess and the cars were backed up and at a standstill on S. St. and I rammed into the back of another vehicle. It was a minivan or SUV, not sure, but there wasn’t a lot of visible damage on their car, but the front of mine was crushed, the airbags deployed, and there were parts and fluid all over the road. So my car is a goner. S. and I were fine. Luckily M. is here and the rental guy traded the car she had rented and gave her a sixseater truck for no extra cost, so we can all get around for the weekend. So anyway, after the accident and the questioning and stuff, and I still couldn’t reach R. and M. at home because R. was online, the officer brought me and S. home in the police car (must’ve been the gossip of the neighborhood!) and I asked the cop, “You wanna put me in handcuffs and make this look really good?” He just chuckled. M. give us a ride, and S. went to daycare (minus the fruit tray – it didn’t survive the accident) and I went to work (I was only an hour late!) The same day the accident happened, Friday, by the end of the day the insurance guy had the Toyota paid off for me and since we didn’t owe as much as it was worth we got extra money to put in the bank and we’re going car (maybe minivan) shopping probably Monday after our appt in Portland for S. Tonight, we’re going out to eat at 99 with mom and S. Right now, poor M. has come down with an ear infection, has a fever, and is napping. Sunday, I don’t know what we’re doing. Monday, We have Ss kidney followup in Portland, and Tuesday M.goes back to Michigan. I think we’re making this quite an eventful vacation for her!

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