October 31, 2006 – Tuesday

The rest of the extended weekend of no rest for the wicked
Well, Saturday was a windy, rainy mess and M. was really sick, so we didn’t go out to eat. I convinced M. to go to walk in care on Sunday and she was diagnosed with strep throat and got medicine and slept all day. Monday, she was feeling much better and we went to Portland for S’s kidney followup which went well, then we went to eat at the Old Country Buffet and then browsed around LLBean in Freeport. I picked up an ornament and another doodad for my Christmas swap at work we’ll have in a couple months, and M. got a few things. I rented a car for me to use potentially for the week, until I could go car shopping since M. would be returning her truck and leaving to go back to Michigan in the afternoon. Then we ate out again for supper because we didn’t feel like getting home and cooking. Friday morning (this morning) I dropped of T. and headed to daycare to drop S.off before dropping J. and myself off, and a lady in a car behind me tooted her horn and frantically waved me over, and I thought what the hell did I do now!? so I pulled over and the woman said the right rear wheel on my car was wobbling a lot. So then I didn’t dare to drive it any further and went back home, called the rental place, and waited a little over an hour for a new rental to arrive. In the meantime, I decided I needed a frigging day! I didn’t care what had to be done at work, I needed a day off! so I called in, and R., M., and I went to Denny’s for breakfast and I decided – today is the 31st, end of the month. I’m going to walk into a dealership and say this is what I want, this is what I’m going to spend, I can buy it here or I can go next door, either way, I’m walking out of a place with a new car today, so if you want my sale, give me this deal. Well, I didn’t end up having to do that. I found a white 2002 Ford Windstar sport with 57,000 miles, power everything, dual sliding doors, cruise, four captain’s seats and back bench seat, CD player, video system for the kids in the back, rack on top, what else… everything!… payments are $15/month less and for a year less than my car was! It was just published in the paper today as an end of month mark down from 10,000 to 7900 and there were vultures circling ready to dive in if we backed away, but we snagged it. And we managed to buy this car, get my rental and M.’s rental returned, get back to get all of M.’s things, and get her to the airport by 3:10 to catch her plane. We picked S. and J. up, ate supper and went trick or treating, and then poor R. went in to work an overnight tonight! and I’m on here, and I am friggin’ tired! Over…and…out…

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