May 7, 2007 – Monday

It’s been awhile…
So I thought I’d blog. The not-so-new-anymore job is busy – juggling sometimes six different clinics at a time with intake, sending letters and paperwork, scheduling appts, requesting records, answering the phone, pulling charts, sorting labs, etc etc etc, keeping it all straight. Before I know it, it’s 4:30 and nothing is ever actually finished. That’s the way I like it though. I felt braindead after a few years of listening to a doctor drone on about the same things day after day all day long (transcription), so this is better.
S. started special developmental preschool last Wednesday and I think we will see major improvements. She has a 1:1 teacher with developmental therapy and also gets group and individual OT, PT, and ST right there which means less running around every week for me. She goes for a few hours every day and still goes to daycare the rest of the day, but the time she spends at the developmental preschool will probably be increased after a while.
As a very small note nobody needs to read-just skip right over it – I got in a minor fender bender last Tuesday, the day before S. started school. (Yes, I just did this 6 months ago – before that I had an excellent record!) It was nothing major just really stupid – pulling out of a parking lot where, when you have the opportunity you have to take it because it is a bitch to get out, and usually if I am waiting to take a left and the person coming from my left has their blinker on like they’re going turn right, I wait to make sure they really turn, but this time I went for it and the bitch didn’t turn and smashed right into me (not too hard, after all I was only partly into the road and she was only going maybe 15-20 mph) but I do have a rental until Tues or Weds.
T. decided to join the AFJROTC next year which will be the first year that his high school is offering it. He’s talking about being a pilot now – who knows – he’s been an author, a sitcom, TV drama, and movie scriptwriter, an actor, a lawyer, a politician, and now a pilot – what will come next? I told him, you can be whatever you want to be just stay away from the women and don’t get knocked up like your dad did!
J.-nothing new really – too much of a chatterbox at school and getting into trouble because she can’t keep from getting out of her seat to talk to her friends. I’ll blog more sometime – gotta go – Heroes is on!

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