July 12, 2007 – Thursday

One good thing this week was I found my best best best best friend in whole universe from childhood who I hadn’t seen since we were probably 10 or so?? And thank you J.G., for making my crappy week much, much better!!

I can’t stand it! Last week, S. was sick, so I had to take Tuesday off, Wednesday was a holiday, thursday morning she woke up very early and went back to sleep and was still kind of groggy and I didn’t know if she was well enough to go to school so I let her sleep. When she woke up she was fine, so I took her in late and went in to work late. Then I caught whatever she had and I was out yesterday and the day before with a sore throat, no voice, plugged up feeling ears, headache, and just feeling blah. Went back today to piles of shit that needed to be done that piled up from me being out, and I got a call at about noon from daycare saying S. had tripped and fallen (she is extremely unsteady on her feet) and she tripped into a table and got about a half inch gash on her ear and didn’t know if it might need stitches. So I called for a shuttle to come pick me up but by the time I got to MRI where the buses pick up, somebody else had gotten on the bus and it took off, it was rounding the corner out of the parking lot just as I got there!! So, I had to wait ten more minutes for the next one to arrive so I could go get my car downtown in the parking garage to go get S. Took her to the doctor’s office and it wasn’t as bad as it seemed, she just needed some skin glue. I just can’t friggin take this anymore – I HAAAATTTTEEE my job!!!!! and I don’t feel like I can handle a full time job with S. especially one that is that stressful, and having to take the friggin bus downtown SUCKS!! and the lady who took my place in my old job (to do transcription and assist me with TONS of other things) has no friggin initiative to do anything but transcription and I end up doing my job I have now and everything I used to do in my old job. When I’m out, she answers my phone and writes a message and leaves it for me – you might as well just let the friggin voicemail get it rather than wasting your time and energy writing me a friggin message!!! If I’m out for just one day and I end up with a pile of things I have to handle – I can get them off the voicemail just as easy – try to friggin handle something yourself for once!!!! God! And she’s off tomorrow, I am so friggin glad because one if these days I am just going to scream!!!!!!!!!!!

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