July 22, 2007 – Sunday

S. is doing very well. She has speech therapy, OT, PT and developmental therapy. She learned to walk when she was just over 2. Right now she is 2 years and 9 months and she still falls easily and is unsteady when walking, but she can climb up onto the couch and her slide and she can walk up stairs as long as you stay behind her to spot her. We’re working on going down stairs. She does not yet talk and doesn’t babble or make much for noises except when she screams or cries. She is still learning to use signs for more and all done, and a few others. S. loves to swing (she will sit on a big girl swing and hold on to the chain). She loves to be in motion, constantly walking back and forth, spinning us around in a chair or playing ring around the rosie, swinging, riding in her stroller, riding in the car. she sometimes screams when we’re riding in the car and we get to a red light and stop. Then when we start moving again, she’s fine. We try to keep moving with the stroller or grocery cart too. Sometimes she okay – depends on her mood. She is entralled by by watching cars go by and she giggles at the cars going by on TV when Nascar’s on. She loves to look at books and turn the pages. She has a couple of favorites. Sometimes when she is in the mood you can get her to sit in the recliner and cuddle in your lap and she loves to get hugs and kisses. Bubba knows how to tickle her belly just right, down by her belly button, and get her to really laugh hard. S is a good eater, loves bananas and other fruit and love’s her veggies and will eat anything we eat. She ‘s not at all picky, but loves fruit and veggies the best, and loves her milk. And she is a beautiful blond, blue-eyed, angel, her hair curls when it’s damp and she has Angelina Jolie lips. She is our sweet S. and we love her very much!
(Going in to update this, she is now 3 years and 8 months old and things are about the same. She does babble more now and she uses picture communication cards to make choices. She loves the water and loves to get her face right in it. She is a doll at the beach! She doesn’t like it when her feet don’t touch the bottom but she likes to stick her face in the water, of course one of us has to be right there with her holding her hand otherwise, she would fall over and I don’t know if she would be able to get herself up again. When we go outside, the first thing she wants to do is go for a walk around the block, then when we get back she likes to swing and that is pretty much the ongoing cycle when she’s outside unless we put her in the “corral” for a break or put her in the stroller for a long walk. And she has no sense of danger like staying away from the road, and she will climb anything and run around but falls very easily – again, she has no sense of danger and she is very unsteady on her feet. She also plays “limp noodle” when we are trying to get her changed and I think she does that for her own amusement in seeing us get all annoyed with her! She goes limp or squirms away when I try to fix her hair or anything that requires her to stay put. She is learning to use a “wait” card which she holds while she is waiting and this helps her stay put for a few extra minutes. She has used this to learn to stay in her chair at meal times too. That’s about it right now. I think she’s trying to tell me she’s done with breakfast!)

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