July 28, 2007 – Saturday

S’s new favorite things to do
We have a drawer in the kitchen where we keep plastic bowls, covers, and cups and she likes to take each and every item from the drawer and fling them around the kitchen! We are working on teaching her to “pick it up” and “put it in”, she will actually do that voluntarily sometimes, after chucking something across the room, she will go and retrieve it and put it back in the drawer. My kitchen looks ransacked!
Another thing she likes to do now is play in the pool. Grammy and grampy were nice enough to bring us an inflatable pool that is about the size of a full-size bed in area and and just deep enough for S. to sit and be up to her chin (and big enough for us grown-ups to get in too!) so she stands up and drops into the water, and makes a big splash and will do that over and over, she’ll climb on the floaties and fall off, and her head goes under and she laughs. If I count one, two, three and then dip her in the water and pull her right back out, she will hold her breath instictively long enough, and then when she comes up she is all smiles! Today she started a new thing – she climbs out of the pool and drops head first onto the tarp on the ground in a somersault landing, then she climbs back up onto the edge and plunges back into the pool head first! Mom or dad is always right there to catch her and pull her up of course. She had a ball today doing that over and over again. She’s my waterbaby!

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