November 21, 2007 – Wednesday

Only a select few can read this. You are special!
So my ex-stepfather’s current teenage stepdaughter has been put into foster care because she has accused him of molesting her in some way. Doesn’t surprise me a bit, I always thought he was a creep, although he never actually “did” anything other than when I was 16 or 17 ask me how I like having sex with my boyfriend and talk about how my mother never gave him any and he should find a nice young thing like myself… He was probably not the worst my mother ever brought home and that one-way conversation while out practicing driving with my permit was not the most horrifying experience I’ve ever had… Inspired me to write a quick poem even. In my neverending attemp to be both grim and humorous at the same time:

Can I return this life of mine?
It doesn’t work for me
It’s damaged, it’s broken, but it wasn’t for free

No, I didn’t get it here,
it came from Walmart down the street
Why is exchanging at Macy’s such a terrible feat?

I only want a better one
that doesn’t rip at the seams
this one’s okay on the outside but it’s frayed underneath

The cheap one shows its wear in no time
one wash, it falls apart
Other one is pricey but it’s solid from the start

This life of mine has stains and holes
I can patch them up just fine
but my Faded Glory’s far from Macy’s – it’ll never be a Klein.

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