November 21, 2007 – Wednesday

Kid Updates
S. had her cardiology followup today and we don’t have to go back for a year this time! (Followups have been every six months.) No changes – she hasn’t gotten worse, so another heart cath should not be anywhere in the near future at this point – that’s a relief.
Kidney followup was back on September 20th. They want to see her again in six months to evaluate her for a possible procedure to keep the urine from refluxing back into her one kidney, which she has severe reflux in and has done well to only have had a couple of UTI’s in her life. If she has UTIs in between now and then they may consider actual surgery, which would be replacing the ureter, which would be invasive and would mean a longer hospital stay. So we are just continueing her nightly antibiotic and taking care of her and hoping that she doesn’t get another UTI. Her last one was a couple of weeks before she was due for followup and I stayed home with her for a week after taking her to family practice and being told she probably just had a virus and waiting for urine results. By the time we would have gotten the results, she got worse instead of better and we took her to the ER, where we found out that her urine from earlier in the week was positive for a UTI.
And ever since she was sick, she has had difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep at night and she is finally back (crossing fingers) to sleeping through the night but getting her to sleep at night is hell. She went through these phases like this since she was a baby but now it is worse because she is in a toddler bed and can actually get up and go to her door and stand there screaming, banging into it, and even open it if she really tries, so it is “REALLY FUN” at bedtime lately. Poor J., the nights she is here she usually falls asleep in our bed until Sarah gets to sleep and then we carry J. into her own bed. I don’t have a lot of patience anymore. As I have told my husband, I was doing this baby stuff 15 years ago and I just can’t handle it anymore. And S. has had the most drawn out “babyhood” of all my kids, being almost four now. Thankfully R. has the “patience of an oak” and can take over before I am at the end of my rope (hanging from the oak!) If this continues we may need to look into a toddler bed sized crib for special needs kids because it is a safety issue with her if she is going stumble out of bed and out the door in the middle of the night in the dark, because she falls enough in broad daylight. I think today alone she fell about 4 or 5 times. I think she could use a helmet. She gets running fast and she is not steady, and somehow, it is like her body ends up going faster than her feet then she trips over her feet and falls flat on her face. Another way she falls – she did this today. I was folding laundry, standing in front of the couch. She ran up behind me, straight at me, and right into the back of my legs and almost seemed to smack, bounce, and fall right straight backwards flat onto the floor. She has no “parachute” response where most people can react when they fall to catch themselves with their hands or arms, or roll, or hold up their head when falling. She just falls straight over like a chopped down tree.
On another note, I had an awesome parent teacher conference on J. which was a real surprise with the issues she had last year:
Talking too much in class, getting up out of her seat at inappropriate times to chat with friends, not listening, getting sent to the principal, getting her desk placed at the front of the class beside the teacher’s desk, issues with her stepmother thinking she needed to stay back because of her “immature social skills” and some kind of “cognitive deficit”, and the whole evaluation that concluded she needs some kind of group therapy for kids of divorced families and that she has ADHD inattentive type and should be considered for medication.
J.’s teacher thinks she is definitely a social butterfly, and she doesn’t seem to think that’s a BAD thing! She said J. is helpful to the teacher and her classmates, she is very smart, she’s cute, her writing is very good and she works hard, and she is just wonderful! Her teacher keeps the kids working on one thing after another and is very structured, which seems to be good for J. She believes J. will not only get to the 4th grade next year with no problem, but do great things when she is out of school, so that is a good enough damn PT conference to convince me to hold off on any meds, right now anyway. And screw you M. – I think you have been a huge part of J’s problem. I apologized to your face for actually saying that (and more) to you in that nasty email I sent you, but that was just to keep the peace. You’re a bitch. I know you won’t read this but it makes me feel better to say it. And after leaving the conference I was quite satisfied to be reassured that my daughter is normal and NOT the social and cognitive wreck that her stepmother must think she is. I was even more satisfied to know that K. and M. had the same good conference two nights before and that teacher probably put M. right in her place.
T. is T. I had good conferences with all of his teachers. He’s doing well in everything. His history teacher likes that he debates everything. The teacher will say something to try to get the kids going and they all just sit there and listen and whatever, but T. questions everything and disagrees and gets into debates with the teacher. He apparently used T. as an example in class of what he wants of his students – to think on their own and argue their point of view. (I think probably most other kids in the class just don’t give a crap. T. loves that stuff.) He’s in AFJROTC. He’s wanting to do driver’s ed. I suppose sooner or later we have to look into that. :-p I’m not looking forward to that stress. T. in general is not very observant and doesn’t have the greatest reflexes, so I dread being in a vehicle he is operating!
That’s it for now. I got to skip work today because of S.’s appt., but unfortunately tomorrow is Thursday and I have to work, and will have to drag myself out of bed in the morning…

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