January 6, 2008 – Sunday

Autobiography – Under Construction
I’m 35, married, with 3 kids – a 15-yo boy, almost 9-yo girl, and 4-yo girl.
I enjoy listening to almost any kind of music, singing in the car, doing Sudoku puzzles, trying to knit or crochet, going for walks, sitting on my butt in front of the TV or at the computer, but mostly writing poetry or blogging, or reading vampire or witch novels or suspense/thrillers, or books about writing, or financial/self-improvement.
I work full-time in a medical office and generally like working there although I have my moments. I’ve been in this office for over 5 years now first as receptionist, then as secretary/transcriptionist for a specific specialist department, and now as coordinator for that department and its specialized clinics. Before this job I worked in a primary care office doing everything a medical assistant does (without a degree or certificate) except giving shots. This included venipunctures, blood pressure/vitals, EKGs, and I also did the checkout tasks of setting up X-rays, MRI’s, referrals to specialists, insurance referrals, calling in refills, and all that good stuff. Before this I worked in a convenience store as a cashier/ pizza and sandwich cook. I worked at Shop n Save as a bagger and before that as a cashier and occasional pizza and sandwich cook and delivery person at a pizza place. My first job, which I lasted at for about one whole month, was rubbing excess glue off shoes with a giant rubber eraser-type thing in a shoe factory.
I went to college twice, the University about 13 years ago and Beal about 10 years ago and never finished at either place. My favorite college courses were creative writing, biology, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and psychology, and genetics interests me, especially since working in genetics for the past 4 years.
I would like to maybe write some kind of scientific suspense novels. Actual science fiction, which I think of as being about space and futuristic worlds, has never interested me, but one of my favorite novels is “Chromosome 6” by Robin Cook where a type of monkey that is similar to humans in genetic make-up is used to clone human organs for transplant (humans pay to have their own DNA used to grow specific organs they will need) and the monkeys themselves seem to become more human (and like the human that the DNA came from), which adds a whole other dimension to the questions of ethics, and this is all centered around a murder mystery and ties in with the mob and such – good book.
A Few Factoids:
I met my husband online.
I met my first boyfriend on a prank call.
My kids each have a different last name.
I’ve had two friends with famous names, that I can think of – Melissa Gilbert and James Morrison.
My four-year-old has Ring 21, a very rare chromosome disorder, and as a result, she has a heart defect, kidney defect, and she has no speech and slow developmental milestones. She’s just starting potty training.
I love chocolate, cheesecake, and chocolate cheesecake.
When I was pregnant with my middle child, I ate a lot of sardines and was obsessed with fabric softener, scrubbing the carpets about every other night, and spraying Febreeze on everything. I got 4 bottles of Febreeze at my baby shower. After the birth I completely lost the obsession and it took me forever to use up all that Febreeze.
I generally eat peanut butter out of the jar, a can of kidney beans, or oatmeal or grits for lunch at work.
I once called a pizza place and asked them to add a tip onto my debit card because I forgot to add the tip on for the delivery guy while he was here and I felt bad.
I once backed into a car in the Rec parking lot leaving minor marks, and went in to try to find the owner but couldn’t, and ultimately left a note with my number on the windshield. They called me, amazed that I actually left a note, and the marks easily rubbed off.
One night, I passed a parked car on the side of the street so close that my passenger-side mirror hit the other car’s and I thought I broke my mirror but I didn’t (they are collapsible). I was obsessing so much that I might have broken theirs and that I was “leaving the scene”, that I got half-way home and decided to go back and check it. It was fine.
I once got all the way to my car before I realized I didn’t pay for something in the cart that was about $150, and DIDN”T go back into the store with it.
Last weekend on my way out, I realized I didn’t pay for a jar of fluff and so I left it with the people greeter. He thanked me and said, “Now all I need is someone to leave me some peanut butter and I’ll be all set!” I wouldn’t give him my peanut butter.

January 12, 2008 – Saturday
My Day
Day started out, I took R. to work this morning at 7am and already had the grocery list done so did the shopping while I was there, bright n early. I picked up stuff in the cosmetic section first (found some awesome cranberry hemp lotion on sale left over from Christmas that I had to buy – surprised they sell it at Walmart because the first ingredient isn’t petrolatum or alcohol or anything ending in -ate, but rather coconut oil (it does have some OH’s and ate’s, but it has linseed, hemp seed, jojoba, sesame, and tea tree oils, and green tea etc. and I love the smell.) Anyway, I digress. Tend to do that a lot. Then I picked up a plastic bin to fill with rice for an indoor “sandbox” for S. Then I headed over and started grocery shopping and noticed poop smell. S. had a nice mushy stinky one so I had to take her to the bathroom. Got her pants off to get her pullup off and get her cleaned up, didn’t even have time to think about sticking her on the potty and she peed on the floor, of course down her legs and on her socks (threw them away), just missed her pants that were laying momentarily on the floor. Anyway, got her cleaned up and got groceries (I wonder how many people pittied the little girl with bare feet in winter, since she takes off her shoes in the cart and chews on the velcro, and I threw her pee socks away.) I came home, put the groceries away, and let S. play in her rice box and of course she had rice all over the table, chair, floor, so I had to grab the camera and – she is such a ham – she saw the camera and immediately

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