January 12, 2008 – Saturday

My Day
Day started out, I took R. to work this morning at 7am and already had the grocery list done so did the shopping while I was there, bright n early. I picked up stuff in the cosmetic section first (found some awesome cranberry hemp lotion on sale left over from Christmas that I had to buy – surprised they sell it at Walmart because the first ingredient isn’t petrolatum or alcohol or anything ending in -ate, but rather coconut oil (it does have some OH’s and ate’s, but it has linseed, hemp seed, jojoba, sesame, and tea tree oils, and green tea etc. and I love the smell.) Anyway, I digress. Tend to do that a lot.

I picked up a plastic bin to fill with rice for an indoor “sandbox” for S.. Then I headed over and started grocery shopping and noticed poop smell. S. had a nice mushy stinky one so I had to take her to the bathroom. Got her pants off to get her pullup off and get her cleaned up, didn’t even have time to think about sticking her on the potty and she peed on the floor, of course down her legs and on her socks (threw them away), just missed her pants that were laying momentarily on the floor.

Anyway, got her cleaned up and got groceries (I wonder how many people pittied the little girl with bare feet in winter, since she takes off her shoes in the cart and chews on the velcro, and I threw her pee socks away.) I came home, put the groceries away, and let S. play in her rice box and of course she had rice all over the table, chair, floor, so I had to grab the camera and – she is such a ham – she saw the camera and immediately stood up on the chair, smiling, and then jumped OFF (this is not your typical steady 4 year-old and can’t just JUMP off stuff). She ended up scraping her back on the chair when she fell and cried and was upset for awhile.

When she was calmed down and started playing on her sit n spin in the livingroom, I started sweeping up the rice mess. She comes out to the kitchen a couple minutes later and her diaper is once again poopy AND she has it all over her hands! So I took her to the bathroom, stood her up at the sink to wash her hands off while I pulled everything off her to clean up her bottom half and she immediately peed! When will I learn?

So then I stuck her in the tub, because she needed a bath AND so I could clean up the mess on the floor without her spreading it around. While she was in the tub having fun I decided to clean the rest of the bathroom I’d been meaning to clean, the counter, sink, and toilet, and organize the countertop.

Then I cleaned her up, got her out, got her dressed, and she started playing or looking at a book so I went and finished sweeping up the rice (which I had been doing when I found her poopy again), then went back to the bathroom to clean the tub which I had wanted to do because I got a brand new shower curtain and non-slip thingy for the bottom but after poopy pee girl, it really needed a cleaning.

I was standing on the edge of the tub scrubbing the walls and S. came in and climbed up on her stool and played in the sink. It wasn’t till I was about done cleaning the tub that I realized what she was doing, and I looked back and saw that S. was holding her hand right on the faucet and squirting water everywhere, flooding my bathroom floor. So, I got down and took Sarah OUT of the bathroom and cleaned up the water mess, trying to keep Sarah out of the bathroom so she wouldn’t slip and fall.

When that was done, I went back out to the kitchen to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and as I did that, Sarah was running back and forth down the hall through the kitchen, past the computer desk, to the door, then back again, then back again, then back and as she ran the last time from the door and past the desk she tripped and dived and scraped her arm on the bottom of the desk bad enough that I need to put an icepack on it because it was starting to turn into a big ugly green bruise.

In between all this somewhere we managed to eat a couple times and S. tried ruby red grapefruit and pink navel for the first time – did NOT like either one, so I saved them for my fruit smoothie. I’m on a fruit smoothie thing now. Lately I’ve been throwing yogurt, frozen blueberries, cranberries, and frozen mixed fruit – strawberries, peaches, pineapple, grapes, and melon – all in a blender and I have that for breakfast.

Well, today I put in my usual ingredients, plus added the ruby red, pink navel, and sliced up an avacado, had a couple tomatoes that were on the verge of yuck and said what the heck, I’ll throw those in too. That smoothie was the NASTIEST concoction I have EVER made and actually drank it just so I wouldn’t waste all that healthy stuff. I still have more in the fridge 😛 I was thinking I probably actually made a pretty good facial scrub/body wash! So I may not have to drink OR waste it! 🙂

So anyway, that was my day and now I remember why I don’t clean my house a whole lot. It’s hard cleaning around S.

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