March 3, 2008 – Monday

Here Comes the Sun
This is the weirdness at my house:
After supper when we were cleaning up, T. was humming a song and then I started humming and it became “The Bananaboat Song”, which I started singing, which made me think of “Beetlejuice”. So I was telling Ty about the movie. Then I remembered that Beetlejuice meant something (only spelled differently) and I couldn’t think of what it was – I thought it was like Beezelbub or something. So as I was looking up some variation of Beetlejuice in the dictionary, T. said what a coincidence, that the song he had been humming was by the Beatles and he started humming again and it was “Here Comes the Sun” and then I found Betelguese in the dictionary and it is the name of a star on the constellation Orion – I knew it meant something. And as T. pointed out, the sun IS a STAR. Oh! And T’s my son and he’s a star! LOL T. thinks we have some psychic connection and I said, ah no – you, me, psychic connection, nope, uh uh.

Dropped the car off this morning so the tires could be checked. They were way low last week and R. filled them up, then this morning the rear passenger side was low again. So after work I went to pick up the car and see what I needed, and turns out I need both rear tires replaced. I made plans to drop the car off again tomorrow and get the tires put on while I’m at work, so I asked him about how much that should run me. He said, “Oh, 90 – 95 bucks a pop.”
The pun didn’t occur to me til I was on my way down the road

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