March 10, 2008 – Monday

Sarah insomnia
My lovely S. went to bed at 8:30 and she is still awake! Grrrr! I get up every 10 minutes or so and put her back to bed when I hear her start to fuss and rattle the doorknob. And tonight I actually wanted to go to bed and get some sleep since the hubby kept me up all night last night. He’s sick and got up a lot and when you sit up or lie down on our bed it creaks very loudly. S. is getting back into her bedtime routine that she kind fell out of back when she was sick but she’s been getting to sleep okay, usually by an hour after bedtime – maybe the whole time change thing. Anyway, I’m trying to type quietly… I prefer to type fiercely and keep up with my thoughts. She’s quiet now.

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