Today was the last day of school – THANK GOD!! School sucks. Mike Jenkins wrote LESBO in big letters across my picture in my yearbook. Why does he have to be such an asshole?? I don’t know why I asked him to sign it just because he’s cute. Yearbooks are so stupid.

I hope I see Jess and Hannah over the summer. Course, mom doesn’t ever let me do anything. I’ll probably have to sit around this house all summer long, or worse, spend the whole time doing chores that she’s too lazy to do. I hate my life!!

Gary hit on me again today. Worse this time. I tried to ignore him and maybe he didn’t think I heard him. I cut practice short and drove home as quick as I could. I was afraid he was going to whip it out or something right there in the car. He knows I heard him. I have to get out of here.

Okay, so what am I going to write tonight? Besides this? I need to work on my book. The best seller that’s going to get me out of this dump. What to write. What to write…

Errrrr! I hate Gary. He’s such a loser. I hate him so much! I have to put up with him though if I’m going to get my license and a car. I don’t have any other choice. How am I going to log practice hours? How am I going to survive going out driving with him? As soon as I can, I need to leave this place. I hate it here. I hate this town. This state. Gary is such a PERV!!!! What does my mother see in this guy???

Okay, writing… writing. Freewriting now. Writing whatever comes to mind and figuring out what to write my book about. Ummm. Grrrr. Why can’t I write anything but stupid crap I don’t want to think about???

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