Some of my old poems I figured I should post here

All Oldies – haven’t written in a long time

an incandescent crescent hangs above
painted on a canvas of velvet sky
do you hear me cry
as I desperately pull your voice from the breeze?
almost inaudible, you tease.
i run to you as you call to me
from within the trees
we bleed
skeletons whose awakened souls plead
to be put to rest
a love put to the test
our passions attract and souls collide
together we ride
a wave of ecstasy
forever free
I guide you, swallow you
into the deep sea
of my sweet darkness
my carnal caress
and abysmal love
from above
you whisper my name
my heart you claim
your mind and mine merge on this night
of our imminent flight
into each other’s souls
i reach for you and you erase my tears

I reveal the parts I want you to see
you think you know me


ugly thoughts inside my head
you have never seen
mourning at the side of a haunted bed
empty womb, hands of red


I smile as though I had never thought
fondly of death like an old friend

do you wonder what names
have escaped my lips in screaming fits?
‘Oh God’ in the darkness
no confusion of names or faces


it penetrates my skin,
electric heat of your hands
there’s no mistaking it –
or is there?

you don’t know…
you just don’t know

masquerade is what I do
you count my lovers on one hand
I count them on two
how can you tell that I love you?


love, like hate, is a state of mind
at a point in time
tomorrow is another day
and the song will play,

“all that shimmers in this world is sure to fade away…*”

as will you with time
but I smile and say I will love you forever
you will always be mine

I masquerade as the me you think you know

(*quote – line from Shimmer by Fuel)

moon reflects upon us
soon our fourth will rise
light of darkness leads us
might of crimson skies
feast upon its beauty
eastward we shall wander
follow flaming sunset
swallow fate to ponder
fading paint on canvas
cascading fount of shade
pain’s eclipse deceives us
rains on our parade
intruding terror banished
eluding dream’s possession
lucid reigning fantasies
seductive scheme’s obsession
maven tames her serpent
in haven’s sweet seclusion
dealing master’s pleasures
revealing seed profusion
with hedonistic waves
of Eden’s salty grace
trace of lover’s currents
placed on lovely face
moon will cast its shadows
soon the night will fall
bind us in our reverie
blind us in our thrall

I am the shadow
outside your shower
open the curtain
and I am gone
You can almost see me
in a crowd of nameless
bustling bodies
I am the one
standing still and tall
above them all
as you walk toward me
then I fade
I am the ghost watching
as you lie in bed
tormented by
the memory of my words
and your hands
wishing I would appear
from that dark corner of your room
and come to you
I am so close
yet miles away
just out of reach
you could touch me
if you could just see my eyes
look through them
they would pull you
into my soul
If you could hear
the sound of my voice
you could close your eyes
and carry me there
right next to you
but I will always be
just out of reach

If I could steal 15 minutes from your life
I could make you change all of your plans
Take 15 minutes of you from your wife
I could make you forget the touch of her hands
If I could spend 15 minutes in your arms
You would never want to let me go
Cast 15 minutes of my bewitching charms
My name would be the only one you’d know
If I could have 15 minutes for myself
I can’t think of anything I’d rather to do
If I could put 15 minutes up on a shelf
I’d save them for when I could be with you

The jewels that I found in you
seemed all of silver and gold
but inside every treasure chest
is a story yet untold
and love as deep as the ocean
holds many treasures to explore
but sunken hearts and tarnished coins of trust
will always wash ashore.

your words slap my wounded soul,
this tender spirit you bludgeoned
not so long ago
from within, a whisper
kill me, just kill me now
as droplets trickle down
my cheeks, then stream
my head screams
a chorus of confusion
drowned out by my own solo of sobs
I close my eyes, flooded
flashing images in darkness
of places and people I have known
but who cares now
who will notice when I am gone

Two lost souls, empty hearts
separated by time and circumstance
search through lifetimes of forgotten pasts
sense the presence of love from long ago
they travel through millennia
searching, waiting for the moment
one spirit becomes whole again
home again in each others arms and hearts
god and goddess, the ancient ones
rise again and rule their world.

You drive toward the sun to broaden your horizons
I say I can’t see you getting any brighter going to California
you wear dark sunglasses, think you look cool
but only hide the cold in your eyes that see the world
revolve in shades of gray
dark clouds hover above our heads in the rain
we sing Ring Around the Rosies but recall
the smell of ashes as we all fall
down to the ground, the middle of a dirt road going nowhere
bald tires in the rut we dug ourselves
our own grave, how do we get out
we broaden our horizons, climb the mountain sweating
panting toward the sun and throw shades of black
from the cliff everything is clear.

FILLING SPACE (people-watching in a crowded cafeteria)
I fade into the background
become the walls around me
as they surround me
I think you see right thru me
I’m an apparition watching
from the corner of the room
listening to the din of voices
many conversations blend
in static hum of white noises
your words empty space fillers
as in this room I seem to be
I watch you wander aimlessly,
fabricate phony gestures, forced smiles,
crack open your canned laughter
do you really enjoy this place
or are you just here filling space
in the entropy of my head?
are you real or fabricated by
a lonely corner of the mind
of this apparition filling space
in your make-believe world?

At Wal-Mart, he should’ve bought a clue
to think before he speaks
She thought she saw the people greeter
hand them out for free
to children with smiley face stickers
he can be such a jerk
but she doesn’t speak
she only thinks

why don’t you realize
that when you piss me off
I am not really pissed
just holding back tears
tears created by hurtful words
but he didn’t find that clue
how salty tears sting

in the bath towel section
when she tried to dry her eyes
again he made her cry
and that is why she grabs a soda
standing in the check-out line
to pay for towels
she drinks to hide her eyes
behind a bottle
look, here’s a clue
for the next time you begin to spew

but she doesn’t speak
she only thinks.

Well, I just don’t know what to write today
I don’t know why I write anyway
I guess at one time I thought I had something to say
There’s only so much that one can convey
about our main topic of correspondence
without sounding redundant

Oh, I don’t know, one day we could meet
Maybe then our lives would be complete
or our bond of souls would deplete
and meeting would defeat
the purpose of the fantasy we’ve created
There’s only so much that we can say
about the purpose of our mutual existence
without sounding redundant

sunlight filters
through the delicate leaves
casting dappled light
onto the rocks and grass
twinkling as the breeze
gently sways the branches
While the water lies still
like a sheet of glass
reflecting the clear blue sky
as an eagle soars above
it ripples briefly
with a sudden gust
we lie in the grass
in the warmth of the forest
under a canopy of trees
we fulfill our lust

WHEN I GROW UP (Warped ideas of future goals possibly due to watching too many soap operas as a child)
At times when I was young I imagined
what I would be today
and whether I would be in Maine
or if I’d move away
Would I be a criminal
a cunning jewel thief
a bank robber, a murderess
inflict many a mother’s grief
Would I be a prostitute
another dirty whore
or night lady of eloquence and class
expensive to adore?
Would I end up a common wife
with picket fence and chain
toss my needs to the other side
spill my blood to ease their pain
Would I be a woman free
to while away the day
travel, drink, write, and love
with whomever I wish to play
Would I be a movie star
for all the world to see
for everyone to know my name
immortal I would be
I only have one chance on earth
so I thought I would decide
to take a taste of every life
at least on the inside

WAITING (wedding jealousy)
Excuse me, but, I don’t suppose
it would be too much
for me to ask you to propose?
I don’t want to impose
but you know we’ve been together
long enough to have a baby
I’d say it’s time to get this horse
and carriage on the road
Everywhere I turn
It’s white and lace
and I have to face
the fact that it’s not me
it’s her, and her,
and that one there
and where is my turn?
It burns inside, this yearn
for more than temporary
I’ve earned it from you
a permanent bond
contrary to what you may think
I’ve learned to wait
but why should I?

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