A Few Old Crazy Ass Poems of Mine


I reveal the parts I want you to see;
you think you know me.


Ugly thoughts inside my head
you have never seen,

Mourning at the side of a haunted bed –
empty womb, hands of red,

I smile as though I had never thought
fondly of death like an old friend.

Do you wonder what names
have escaped my lips

In fits of passion,
screams of rage?

Call them God in darkened places,
no confusion of names or faces.

It penetrates my skin,
the electric heat of your hands.

There’s no mistaking it
is there?

You just don’t know.
Masquerade is what I do.

You count them on one hand;
I count them on two.

How can you tell that I love you?

Love, like hate, is a state of mind
at a point in time.

Tomorrow is another day
and the song will play,

“all that shimmers in this world
is sure to fade away…”*

as will you with time,
but I smile

and say I’ll love you forever.
You will always be mine.

I masquerade as the me
you think you know.

*quote – line from Shimmer by Fuel


moon reflects upon us
soon our fourth will rise
light of darkness leads us
night of crimson skies
rest upon its beauty
westward we shall wander
follow flaming sunset
swallow fate to ponder
fading paint on canvas
cascading fount of shade
pain’s eclipse deceives us
rains on our parade
moon will cast its shadows
soon the night will fall
bind us in our reverie
blind us in our thrall

Blowjob Version
(Who else has a blowjob version of a poem?)


If I could steal 15 minutes from your life
I could make you change all of your plans
Take 15 minutes of you from your wife
I could make you forget the touch of her hands
If I could spend 15 minutes in your arms
You would never want to let me go
Cast 15 minutes’ bewitching charms
My name would be the only one you’d know
If I could have 15 minutes for myself
I can’t think of what I’d rather to do
If I could put 15 minutes up on a shelf
I’d save them for when I could be with you


You drive toward the sun
to broaden your horizons
I say I can’t see you
getting any brighter
going to California
you think dark sunglasses
make you look cool
they hide the cold gaze
of glazed eyes
that see the world revolve
in shades of gray
dark clouds hover above
our heads in the rain
distant smell of ashes

and sounds of singing
ring around the rosies
echo as we all fall
down in the middle
of the dirt road
stuck in a rut we dug
our own grave
we dig our way out
climb toward the sun
and broaden our horizons
from the highest peak
everything is clear

FILLING SPACE (people-watching in a crowded cafeteria) by Laurie Frisbey

I fade into the background
become the walls around me
as they surround me
You seem to see right thru me
I’m an apparition watching
from the corner of the room
listening to the din of voices
many conversations blend
in static hum of white noises
words just empty space fillers
as in this room I seem to be
I watch your aimless wandering,
phony gestures, forced smiles,
opening your cans of laughter
do you really enjoy this place
or are you just here filling space
within the entropy of my head?
are you real or fabricated by
a lonely corner of the mind
of this apparition filling space
in your make-believe world?


They all were sorry to hear of his death,
all except for ‘lizabeth.
She cried herself to sleep that night
tears of relief from years of fright
and disbelief, for she had said
on many nights, “I wish him dead,”
and now in a cold, dark grave he lay.
Someone above had heard her pray,
and saved her from the wretched sin
of this ‘good man’, a monster within,
of a seven year-old, which lingered on
until that crash, and he was gone.
A teenage girl could then be free
of fear, but she would always see
the haunting visions of the past.
The anger and pain inside would last.


A promise is a leaf
which floats on the wind
once genuine, loving words held strong
now fallen from careless limbs
like a leaf, it crumbles.


The treasures that I found in you

seemed all of silver and gold

but inside every treasure chest

is a story yet untold

and love as deep as the ocean

may hold many treasures to explore

but sunken hearts

and tarnished coins of trust

will always wash ashore.

CONTEMPLATION (If I’d heard of emo when I was in high school…)

your words slap my wounded soul,

this tender spirit you bludgeoned

not so long ago

from within, a whisper

kill me, just kill me now

as droplets trickle down

my cheeks, then stream

my head screams

a chorus of confusion

disharmony drowned out

by my own sharp solo of sobs

I close my eyes, flooded

flashing images in darkness

of places and people I have known

but who cares now

who will notice when I am gone


He should’ve bought a clue

to think before he speaks,

but she swears she sees the people greeter

hand them out for free

with smiley face stickers for children

he can be such a jerk, she thinks

but she doesn’t speak

why don’t you realize

that when you piss me off

I am not really pissed

but holding back tears

tears triggered by hurtful words

but he doesn’t find that clue

oh how salty tears sting

in the bath towel section

when she tries to dry her eyes

again, he makes her cry

and that is why she grabs a soda

standing in the check-out line

to pay for towels she doesn’t need

she drinks to hide her eyes

behind the bottle

look, here’s a clue

for the next time you begin to spew,

she thinks,

but she doesn’t speak.


Well, I just don’t know what to write today

I don’t know why I write anyway

I guess I thought I had something to say

There’s only so much that one can convey

about our main topic of correspondence

without sounding redundant

Oh, I don’t know, one day we could meet

Maybe then our lives would be complete

or our bond of souls would deplete

and meeting would defeat

the purpose of the fantasy we’ve created

There’s only so much that we can say

about the purpose of our mutual existence

without sounding redundant


sunlight filters

through the delicate leaves

casting dappled light

onto the rocks and grass

twinkling as the breeze

gently sways the branches

While the water lies still

like a sheet of glass

reflecting the clear blue sky

as an eagle soars above

it ripples briefly

with a sudden gust

we lie in the grass

in the warmth of the forest

under a canopy of green

we fulfill our lust


(Warped ideas of future goals possibly due to watching too many soap operas as a child)

At times when I was young

I imagined what I would be today

and whether I would be in Maine

or if I’d move away

Would I be a criminal

a cunning jewel thief

a bank robber, a murderess

inflict many a mother’s grief

Would I be a prostitute

another dirty whore

or night lady of eloquence and class

expensive to adore?

Would I end up a common wife

with picket fence and chain

pull my needs, like weeds

from the other side

spill my blood to ease their pain

Would I be a woman free

to while away the day

travel, drink, write, and love

with whomever I wish to play

Would I be a movie star

for all the world to see

for everyone to know my name

immortal I would be

I only have one chance on earth

so I thought I would decide

to take a taste of every life

at least on the inside


I am the shadow

outside your shower

open the curtain

I am gone

You can almost see me

in a crowd of nameless

bustling bodies

I am the one

standing still and tall

above them all

as you walk toward me

then I fade

I am the ghost watching

as you lie in bed

tormented by

the memory of my words

and your hands

wishing I would appear

from that dark corner of your room

and come to you

I am so close

yet miles away

just out of reach

you could touch me

if you could just see my eyes

look through them

they would pull you

into my soul

If you could hear

the sound of my voice

you could close your eyes

and carry me there

right next to you

but I will always be

just out of reach


His sparkling eyes upon me rest

His flaxen waves upon my breast

His warm, sweet breath upon my ear

He whispers words I long to hear

His face I know but cannot see

He is my cherished fantasy

He lives in my dreams and mine alone

I am his queen and he, my drone

I am his maiden and he, my sire

He is my burning heart’s desire

He stirs the embers, lights my fire

And these words he did inspire.


an incandescent crescent hangs above

painted on a canvas of velvet sky

do you hear me cry

as I desperately pull your voice from the breeze?

almost inaudible, you tease.

i run to you as you call to me

from within the trees

we bleed

skeletons whose awakened souls plead

to be put to rest

a love put to the test

our passions attract and souls collide

together we ride

a wave of ecstasy

forever free

I guide you, swallow you

into the deep sea

of my sweet darkness

my carnal caress

and abysmal love

from above

you whisper my name

my heart you claim

your mind and mine merge on this night

of our imminent flight

into each other’s souls

i reach for you and you erase my tears


(wedding jealousy)

Excuse me, but, I don’t suppose

it would be too much

for me to ask you to propose?

I don’t want to impose

but you know we’ve been together

long enough to have a baby

I’d say it’s time to get this horse

and carriage on the road

Everywhere I turn

It’s white and lace

and I have to face

the fact that it’s not me

it’s her, and her,

and that one there

and where is my turn?

It burns inside, this yearn

for more than temporary

I’ve earned it from you

a permanent bond

contrary to what you may think

I’ve learned to wait

but why should I?


Her footsteps echoed on the pavement

Each step sliced the silence of an October night.

The bite of crisp air chilled his bones

but her presence thrilled his heart with fright.

He walked a little faster hoping

his imagination was running wild,

but her footsteps quickened, then he turned

to face her as she stopped and smiled.

He thought, Oh what a lovely lass

I hope my fear did not offend.

He returned her smile, with a nervous nod

then continued the path around the bend.

The shortcut home was through the trees

and beyond the cemetary gate.

How strange this woman following-

what brought her out to walk so late?

At the gate, he stopped as she approached,

“And why in darkness do you roam?”

She said she had craved a midnight snack

and that she was now heading home.

She said, “Unfortunate news for you,

I failed to find a suitable treat,

until I saw you come along

and quicken your pace with frightened feet.”

“You see”, she said, “I could smell your fear,

it was stronger than your blood so warm.

What I love even more than the feed itself,

is the stirring of the human storm.”

So it would be wise, if you suspect

you are stalked by a creature of the night,

show no emotion and hold your ground,

let them not detect the sweet smell of fright.


Shrouded in darkness deep, I crouch

in my own little corner of the world.

Crystal tears fall from my face

As I silently wish I could return.

In my own little corner of the world,

only in dreams may I kiss his lips.

My Michigan prince, he waits for me

as I wonder at our uncertain fate.

Crystal tears fall from my face.

I reach for him and he fades away,

but in my mind he stays with me.

He wipes my tears with gentle hands,

as I silently wish I could return

to the beautiful place we did create,

he patiently waits for only me

like a tree waiting for the thaw of spring.

Only in dreams may I kiss his lips.

I close my eyes and I am swept away,

to a place full of love, his soft caress

and then on waking, sadness reigns

My Michigan prince, he waits for me

as I wonder at our uncertain fate.

Crystal tears fall from my face.

I reach for him, and he fades away.


He sends me kisses on butterfly wings

like none I have ever seen before.

Their beauty exceeds that of any creature

created and bound to wander this earth.

Their wings patterned with detailed symmetry

and intricately placed unearthly colors

non-existent in our spectrum of light.

Irridescent shades reminiscent of purples

sparkling, with metallic flecks they change,

with every delicate movement of flight.

This particular butterfly flutters around me

as I walk and even now in the chill of fall,

this one circles around amongst the flakes

of an early first snow fall of the year.

I stop to kneel in the leaves on the ground.

They crunch under me and some are lifted,

sent skittering on the November breeze.

A butterfly lands on the back of my hand.

It withstands the cold, a surprising sight

like the kiss he sent so gentle and strong.

It came to me, tangible, yet as if from a dream.

It will survive the roughest winds of life.

Everchanging, it leaves me in pure amazement

and wonder at it’s whimsical existence.



There’s a song in my heart

I wrote just for you.

The music plays on

the whole night through.

We dance under stars

in the light of the moon.

We’ll dance in the daylight

perhaps one day soon.

The beautiful melody

flows through my soul,

And when our hearts join

our harmony is whole.

Our hearts beat in unison,

our souls sing as one,

And we’ll dance on forever

in the light of the sun.


I saw you in the crowd

and my heart melted…

You smiled

and I couldn’t breathe…

Our eyes met

and the butterflies flew…

We looked at each other

and a melody filled my soul……

The crowd parted quietly

as you filled my vision…

The murmurs faded

as I walked towards you…

My heart skipped a beat

at your closeness…

Your beautiful smile

filled me with desire……

I took your hand lightly

and my body trembled…

My lips quivered as we touched

and our souls linked tenderly…

My eyes gazed deeply into yours

as we danced slowly to the music…

In harmony with each other

and connected in mind and body…..

The music ended but still we danced

our hearts singing the songs of love…

The never ending rhythm of our passion

carried us like clouds across the floor…

The wondrous notes swirling above our heads

as we held each other for eternity……

And then we kissed……


I gaze lovingly at smiling eyes in my fuzzy picture of you

Longing for the day my fingertips can caress your cheeks

I touch your paper face and smile and my eyes begin to tear

My thoughts turn to daydreams, and my daydreams deepen

My dreams at night are created from the wishes my heart holds

Throughout the day, my wishes to be with you and of what we would do

I envision the first time we meet, the first tender kiss, warm embrace

The first time I look into your eyes face to face, as we dance, as we make love

I arrive on your doorstep trying to muster the boldness to knock on your door

Hoping to see your face, I wonder, “Will he answer? Will he be home?”

The door opens before me and there you stand… we are speechless

Our eyes lock as we stand there penetrating each other’s souls without a word

Barely comprehending that we are there together, in the flesh,

In a sudden rush we both smile and laugh and embrace

My arms flung around your neck, you lift me up and kiss me

My legs wrapped around your waist, you carry me inside in your strong arms

Never breaking our kiss, our passion deepens, our love strengthens

With each passing moment and with each caress our fire burns stronger

I place my feet once again on the ground and dance with you

Slowly to the music, we sway as our desire grows with each breath

Closely we dance to the music of our souls to the rhythm of our hearts,

We gaze into each other’s eyes and we know how far we want to go

All we want is to be one, to unite our bodies as we have our souls

At this moment in time all that matters is us and our eternal love

And so our lovemaking begins, it truly began with the bond we created

When we met not in person, but in words, when our hearts first spoke

When our souls first intertwined and you entered my dreams, these dreams

That carry me through the night and may one day carry me to your door.


I gaze into those hazel eyes in my pictures of you, from time to time

I read the beautiful words you write just for me, and no one else

Maybe I’m just naive, but I want nothing more than to make love to you

I want you to make love to me, more than anything, that’s all I want to do

As we begin to dance, I want you to hold my hands in yours

Against your chest, between our bodies, to feel the beat of our hearts

To know that you are real, I want to stand face to face with you for the first time

Put my arms around you, feel your arms around mine

I say I love you, and you whisper those words at the exact moment I do

A tender kiss for the first time, as a song of everlasting love plays soft and slow

I want to feel the electricity as your lips mesh gently with mine

I want to look into your eyes so loving, honest, and kind

Our embrace and our kiss grows more passionate as our bodies still move

Slowly, in time with our song as wandering hands slide down our backs

In a seemingly choreographed dance of their own, a loving caress

I let you know I am yours, as against the rigidness of your body I press

I drape my arms around your shoulders, and you give me a boost

I wrap myself around you, as we are still locked in our exploration of mouths

You kiss the side of my neck, my throat, my chin, then our eyes meet once again

Mine tell you where I wish you to carry me, I want only this moment, to be in your bed

Little by little, as fingertips and tongues explore, we strip each other down

To our animal selves, until naked we stand and you place me on your pillows

Soft sighs escape our mouths, as we plant sweet kisses all over our bodies in turn

Each of us giving and receiving all that we have to give in return

We consume each other fully, what our bodies have been craving for so long

Hungry, we devour each other’s skin imbibing each other’s tastes and scents

Kisses placed on every inch, every crevace, leaving no stone unturned

Butterflies flutter, as our passion and senses heighten, as our fires burn

Your heat finally enters mine, finally finding it’s home as we melt together

Our rhythm, our dance becomes a ritual of gods as waves of flames overtake us

Becoming one, one soul we unite, as one body for eternity we become

Our love reaches it’s precipice and to our ultimate pleasure we come

Holding tightly to one another, we plunge into our sweet abyss of oblivion

Yet each fiery jolt through our bodies lifts us higher than we have ever been

We have long lost all connection with the outside world, with reality

Together we quiver, as your thrust deepens within, flooding me

Reverberating sighs, and moans echo into the night, our senses awakened

Throughout the night, we share our hearts and our bodies

The scent of our passion ever lingering on each other’s skin

We settle into a contented embrace until again we are ready to begin.

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