A Few Old Crazy Ass Poems of Mine


I reveal the parts I want you to see;
you think you know me.


Ugly thoughts inside my head
you have never seen,

Mourning at the side of a haunted bed –
empty womb, hands of red,

I smile as though I had never thought
fondly of death like an old friend.

Do you wonder what names
have escaped my lips

In fits of passion,
screams of rage?

Call them God in darkened places,
no confusion of names or faces.

It penetrates my skin,
the electric touch of your hands.

There’s no mistaking it
is there?

You just don’t know.
Masquerade is what I do.

You count them on one hand;
I count them on two.

How can you tell that I love you?

Love, like hate, is a state of mind
at a point in time.

Tomorrow is another day
and the song will play,

“all that shimmers in this world
is sure to fade away…

as will you with time,
but I smile

and say I’ll love you forever.
You will always be mine.

I masquerade as the me
you think you know.

quote – line from Shimmer by Fuel


moon reflects upon us
soon our fourth will rise
light of darkness leads us
night of crimson skies
rest upon its beauty
westward we shall wander
follow flaming sunset
swallow fate to ponder
fading paint on canvas
cascading fount of shade
pain’s eclipse deceives us
rains on our parade
moon will cast its shadows
soon the night will fall
bind us in our reverie
blind us in our thrall

Blowjob Version
(Who else has a blowjob version of a poem?)


If I could steal 15 minutes from your life
I could make you change all of your plans
Take 15 minutes of you from your wife
I could make you forget the touch of her hands
If I could spend 15 minutes in your arms
You would never want to let me go
Cast 15 minutes’ bewitching charms
My name would be the only one you’d know
If I could have 15 minutes for myself
I can’t think of what I’d rather to do
If I could put 15 minutes up on a shelf
I’d save them for when I could be with you


You drive toward the sun
to broaden your horizons
I say “I can’t see you
getting any brighter
going to California”

you wear dark sunglasses,
and think you look cool
but they only hide the cold
in eyes that see the world
revolve in shades of gray

dark clouds hover above
our heads in the rain
sing Ring Around the Rosies
and smell of ashes
as we all fall down

a dirt road going nowhere
bald tires stuck
in the rut we dug ourselves
our own grave
how do we get out?

we climb toward the sun
to broaden our horizons
from the highest mountain
throw shades of black
from the cliff
everything is clear

FILLING SPACE (people-watching in a crowded cafeteria) by Laurie Frisbey

I fade into the background
become the walls around me
as they surround me
You seem to see right thru me
I’m an apparition watching
from the corner of the room
listening to the din of voices
many conversations blend
in static hum of white noises
words just empty space fillers
as in this room I seem to be
I watch your aimless wandering,
phony gestures, forced smiles,
opening your cans of laughter
do you really enjoy this place
or are you just here filling space
within the entropy of my head?
are you real or fabricated by
a lonely corner of the mind
of this apparition filling space
in your make-believe world?

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