Perspective and Outlook

Email received at work today. Really puts the things that I whine about into perspective. Wow.

“For those of you who worked here when —– —– was with us, I wanted to let you know that last week her house caught fire and she lost the entire basement, first floor and most of the second. The entire house needs to be gutted and rebuilt.
—– also, within the past month, has taken on three of her sisters children who she is now fostering. She is currently staying in temporary housing.
Suffice to say they lost pretty much everything between fire, water and smoke damage.
I’m putting together a collection for anyone who wants to participate and will purchase a Visa Gift Card for her and the family.

I’d like to bring it to her early next week if possible.

Please email me if you’d like to contribute and I’ll come around and collect.

Thank you!


Wow, that and all the other bad things that have been happening at work and to people from work (we think our office may be cursed!) and in the family, I should really be grateful right now.

Well, some people who were out at work are back so piles are getting shifted a little, so that’s always good. Sometimes – and it would really be too bad for the patients – but sometimes I wish genetics/metabolic clinic would just dissolve for now and still recruit (I say still, but at the moment no genetic counselor or geneticist positions are posted) and start fresh with new hires when the time comes. I could use a breather from it and get MD clinic organized and concentrate on that, the CF clinics, and now the DP MD. Communication is really difficult with the covering doc from Portland and her only being up here once a month.

I think I lost 5 lbs. since starting vegetarianism so that gave me a better outlook this morning – as good an outlook as you can have after turning in after 2:00 am and getting up at 6:00 anyway!

I am going to make some lists, do some editing on my story, try to write some fresh stuff for it. I’m starting to feel like I keep editing and reediting and overediting the stuff I’ve already written and I should just leave it alone. And I’m going try not to stay up till 2:00 tonight watching music videos on youtube.

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