To Do List

To Do:

____ get back on a vegetarian diet
____ lose 30 pounds
____ start going to bed by 10:00
____ start getting up at 5:00
____ start going running in the morning when I get up

____ go for walks after dinner
____ start working out with weights
____ cut down on coffee
____ drink more tea
__x_ cut back on  quit  cut back on Facebook
____ start writing more again (work on novel)
____ self-publish with lulu or submit novel for traditional publishing
____ schedule a once a month “me day”
____ schedule a once a week date night with hubby
____ schedule a once a week solo outing
____ do grocery shopping on Mon or Tues, instead of during the weekend
____ clean my room
____ make some art – use my sketching pencils, pastels, watercolor pencils
____ make my letterboxing stamps and go place some boxes
____ schedule the VT trip I missed because I was sick
____ find a niche, figure out what to sell online, reselling or using my writing or art to sell on lulu, ebay, etc.
____ go to work with a positive attitude
____ give myself a weekly cash stash
____ take Jamie horseback riding again
____ spend “just Jamie” time doing something with her
____ get a second Kayak
Things I Want:
__x_ laptop
__x_ Ipod
__x_ running shoes
____ weights
__x_ workout ball
__x_ a kayak or two

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