Dose of Reality

It is amazing how two little words on the screen can make a person feel so shitty.
So, I didn’t know you in high school and you now live hundreds of miles away, but we connected on Facebook and we’ve hit it off quite well. We chat every morning, night, and sometimes in between about everything under the sun – sometimes for hours at a time -and even send an email or two. We share stories about our day, our families, articles or videos we’ve seen, our views on things, and lots of laughs,as well as post things and comment on each others FB pages. We have both said that it’s great that we’ve become friends. So when I am told about something you did with your friend who is a lot like me and is your “real life” version of me -your “virtual friend” – yeah that hurts. I don’t care if you have 5,000 friends or that we’re not “real” friends – I know real friends are ones you have a history with, have had experiences with, good and bad, and have made memories with, who are there for each other to support, to cry on, to help each other move and such – but don’t tell me someone else is the “real life” me, because I am a real life person not just a computer that replies to you. My sister lives hundreds of miles away and we pretty much are down to just communicating on Facebook so are we becoming virtual sisters? If anything, this has been a good dose of reality and made me realize that I may be concentrating too much on nonexistent relationships and should maybe go create more real ones or focus more on the real ones I already have, and lay off Facebook and the internet for a while. Or fuck reality and real people altogether – I should go work on that novel I’m supposed to be writing – put my energy into something productive – a more rewarding kind of fictional world than Facebook where the characters are friends who won’t hurt you because you write the story.

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