Weight/Health and Writing Goals

One of my resolutions for 2010 is losing weight and getting healthier. It’s a popular goal and one that people have a hard time achieving. The reason it’s difficult for people to adhere to a resolution is because you can’t just say you’re going to lose weight. No matter what goal you set, it should be a *SMART goal if you’re serious about reaching it.
It has to be Specific, Measurable (trackable), Achievable (easy enough to reach that you’re not setting yourself up for failure), Relevant (you have to really want it), and Time-bound (give yourself a deadline to succeed by, then set the next goal).

I will lose at least 1 lb. per week, losing 17 lbs by May 2nd.

I will weigh myself this Sunday evening for a starting point, then track my progress by weighing in every Sunday evening and keeping these measurements in a log. May 2nd will be the 17th weigh-in, and I will lose a minimum of 17 lbs by then, then set the next goal.

I will achieve this by:


Not drinking the coffee energy drinks I got in the habit of drinking, limiting wine to Friday nights, and cutting down on coffee (which I have a hard time drinking without full sugar/fat flavored creamer) – I have already begun this by instead drinking 10 calorie vitamin water, tea, and regular water instead of Starbucks and Monster drinks, and I will limit coffee to one cup in the morning then tea if I ‘need’ a second cup (which I can easily drink plain without sugar).

Eating cereal and a serving of fruit for breakfast on weekday mornings rather than egg and bacon sandwiches or bagel and cream cheese at work. I will indulge in a big breakfast on Saturday or Sunday when Ron cooks or we go out for breakfast.

Packing a small portion of leftovers or a bowl of veggies or beans for lunch at work instead of going to the cafe for pizza like I’ve been doing.

Making a some of our weekly meals vegetarian.

Being sure to get at least 2 fruit and 3 veggie servings per day.

Snacking healthy – almonds, yogurt, fruit, whole grain crackers and cheese or peanut butter.

Keeping a food log along with my weigh-ins to track everything and make myself accountable to make sure I reach my goals.

Physical activity:

Starting the first week using my elyptical for 15 minutes each morning during the week, playing the Wii in the evening with the family, and fitting in walks wherever I can including 15 minute breaks at work and walking in the evening at home. I will track this also and set new goals after the first week.

This is just one of my resolutions. Another big one is finishing a novel by September of this year.

When I was cleaning and organizing on New Year’s Day, I came across a bag I carried to work back in 2005. This was like opening a time capsule. There were old pay stubbs showing what I used to make back then, old PEP requests for Sarah’s various appointments, notes back and forth between Jamie’s stepmom and me when Jamie was 6 and having some behavioral issues, notes from phone calls I made when we were in the process of buying our house, the Bangor Daily News real estate ad for our house, and best of all a goal list! My big goal was to have written a New York Times best seller by Sept 2010! It is sad that I allowed myself that much time – 5 years – to accomplish that goal and right now and am not even close to achieving it. So now is the time to set a new goal – finishing a novel by September 2010. It can be done. I just need to come up with a SMART plan to reach it. Hey, Stephenie Meyer wrote “Twilight” in three months and look what has come of that. It’s a huge success for her. I can and WILL do it!

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