Day one, day one, start over again…

Alanis Morissette – Not As We

So this was day one of my 30-Day Facebook Challenge.

This is how Day One went:

All day long I thought up witty status updates that I would normally post on Facebook plus stupid things like “Mmmmm, China Light hits the spot for lunch today.” Facebook somewhat consumed my thoughts.

This afternoon, I wondered if I had any comments on the morning posts I made before I took the drastic step of changing my password to an unmemorable scramble of characters, numbers, and symbols so it would make it harder for me to cheat.

This evening, I cheated.

I recovered my password at about 8:30 pm, logged in, and checked my notifications. I had a couple of notifications but no comments on my “30-Day Fast” post.

That was all I cared to see, so I then changed my settings so that nobody could comment on posts on my wall – just because I felt like it dammit. 😛 Then I changed my password again to gibberish.

So, technically I should start over and call tomorrow Day One, but since I didn’t post any updates, responses, or look at the home page news feed at anyone else’s posts, I’m going to call this a minor cheat for today. One last hurrah so to speak.

I am THAT addicted to Facebook. I could sit here all day checking it, and have in fact spent many a day doing just that between my laptop and my phone. As Steve Pavlina says on his 30-Day Facebook Fast post, it isn’t really as much a social networking site as it is an anti-social avoidance site for most people. Maybe after a while without Facebook, I’ll learn to interact in real life again.

I totally blew off a friend’s birthday (probably more realistically we are little more than acquaintances) yesterday because I let my social anxiety get the best of me and I couldn’t see myself walking into a busy bar on St. Patty’s Day by myself and looking through the loud, rowdy crowd for the few people I vaguely/somewhat know (from high school/Facebook) sitting at a table full of their friends I do not know at all. Anyway, that’s me -I do something like this then analyze myself and replay in my mind how it could have turned out if I had just done it. Maybe one of these days I won’t be so socially inept.

I have noticed on Facebook a lot lately how so many people are self-centered with their self-important posts as if they expect everyone in the world should be right on top of and know everything there is to know about their important issue. [Cut out a huge rant about people here.] And then the debates I get myself sucked into. Well, they’re not really debates until I give my differing opinion that goes against the opinion of the poster, which sends them into a passionate tirade. Then poster’s posse, who are so far up poster’s ass they can see the sun shine through poster’s nostrils, hang on every word of poster and passionately defend poster’s point in complete and utter agreement. Such devoted miniosns.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s enough to get it out of my system. I’m glad I’m not subjecting myself to these posts any longer. They are pure poison from poisonous people. Not friends, but a collection of life pollutants, with the exception of a few who, if they really are good friends, will keep in touch by some other means. *Update 3/22 Nope, nobody gives a shit. I even cheated… again… and logged on tonight (I almost made it the whole day, too) and hubby and I both have been defriended by supposed BFF. WTF? If you’re reading this, really, WTF?

Today I started reading “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” which I bought ages ago but never opened. I did a few chores, texted some, had a nice discussion with my husband about our marriage, we went out for Chinese for lunch, I relaxed and wrote in a journal, we picked up our daughter from school, and I took her for a walk while the hubby had some quiet time. It was a warm, sunny, yet extremely windy, beautiful day.

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