Day 3 of Facebook Fast

So I’ve been doing some reading while dayhab is here with Sarah for a few hours this morning.
I thought How To Achieve Stretch Goals was an interesting post. If you’re like me and set SMART Goals but still can’t seem to reach them and run circles around them instead, THIS POST explains why this happens. (*not sure what happened to the links I created here, but will have to stick them back in later.)

I have not recieved a single text from my supposed BFF since starting my Facebook fast to ask how it’s going.

I’m curious to see if I will hear from anyone at all outside the Walls of Facebook. I certainly didn’t quit Facebook to see who would bother and who wouldn’t, but it will be interesting to see. This may be a good “spring cleaning” experience. Like those items I’ve kept stored away just in case I might need them someday, I might find I have a lot of people like that too, and in both cases, it may be time to figure out which ones are just taking up space and aren’t worth keeping around.

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