Day… 4? Yeah, four. AND applied for another job tonight, and got Sarah’s lab results.

Well, it took me about two hours, but I applied online for a 3 nights/week overnight psych tech position at Acadia Hospital which is affiliated with EMMC where I used to work, so will see how that goes. I’m actually kind of excited about the idea of this job.

It would be different from my last job in that it would be direct patient care. I’m nocturnal so a night job would be perfect for me, and I would have time to get my sleep during the day during school, or in the summer during dayhab, and still spend time with the kids. It’s only 3 nights a week but it would add a good extra chunk of change to the family income too, and on days I don’t have to work or sleep I could still pick up something part-time a couple days a week.

In other things, I looked at Facebook once today at about 7 pm for about 3 minutes.  Progress!  Okay, so maybe this hasn’t turned out to be a “fast” exactly, but I’m satisfied with the degree of which I’ve managed to cut down.  It’s been a good thing.  Tomorrow – THE REAL FAST.

Got Sarah’s lab results from Saturday and she has elevated blood ammonia and slightly elevated liver enzymes (which makes sense since her urine has been smelling like ammonia for a few days – why I finally took her to the lab).  So her med she’s on is being decreased some and we’re adding carnitine which helps metabolize ammonia.  Ammonia is a neurotoxin and is not good for the brain if it’s building up in her blood.  If it’s in her urine, it’s not breaking down to urea – probably the enzyme that turns ammonia into urea is busy working overtime breaking down the med – not sure how that works.  In a nutshell, we don’t want ammonia.  Ammonia BAD.  Liver enzymes in the blood means the liver is being overworked – they’re a sign of liver damage.  So hopefully the carnitine will help with all of this.  Ultimately, I think we’re going to try her off the med once school is out (if not sooner) and see how she does.  She’ll get blood drawn for a recheck after a couple of weeks on the lower dose of med and the carnitine.

Worked today on writing a goals list and starting to try to get into the right mindset to achieve them.  Then hubby brought me a Kit-Kat.  It’s tough living with an enabler.  I can’t say no to Kit-Kat.


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