Have had an epiphany or two or three and am feeling pretty good today now that I’ve kissed FB goodbye!

1.  I quit Facebook today.  I deleted all of the friends on my friends list.  I changed my privacy settings so nobody can see anything besides my name, profile pic, and a blurb on my About Me section.

This blurb states that if you hunted me down after discovering, “WTF – she deleted me!”, don’t take it personally because I deleted everyone.
  I quit and I would totally deactivate my page and let FB eventually delete it EXCEPT I still have tons of pictures there I need to move. I also wrote that if anyone actually wants to message me for contact info to keep in touch, any messages sent to me on FB will forward to my regular email inbox.

I feel so much better now that I’m free from the clutches of that life-sucking site, and am more motivated.

2.  I installed Google Chrome and so far LOVE it.

3.  I was reading The Content Farm, a website that parodies content farms like Demand Media and Associated Content (now Yahoo Contributor’s Network).  It’s pretty funny AND right on the money.

 Although I’ve published a couple of things on Associated Content, I could never really get into it or force myself do any of the articles that they suggested.  I know someone who churns out article after mundane article all day long and calls this a writing career.

I would see this person post link after link after link on Facebook and I would think, This person has more motivation and discipline than I do to write all day long and then get paid for it.  This person has a writing career and I don’t.  I am a failure.

These articles are boring and not informative or entertaining in the least.  They have absolutely no value at all and they are merely created for search engine optimization (SEO) in order to make it easy for people to find the links to these articles and draw them in to click on pay-per-click advertising.  People are getting paid for writing this fluff.

I realized this person I know is delusional and I was for some reason measuring my worth as a writer by this person’s delusions.  This person is merely an SEO content creator and gets paid for putting a bunch of keywords together.  I may not get paid, but I am the real writer.  Just needed to get that off my chest because it has really frustrated me.

*I found The Renegade Writer today (3/24) and really enjoy reading this professional freelance writer’s entries.

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