Fantasizing this morning

My ideal place to spend the rest of my existence would be a tree house on a beach surrounded by mountains, and I would spend my days
lying on the beach, reading, writing, swimming, kayaking, hiking, and having lots of tree house and outdoor sex. Ahhhh… how nice that would be. Of course, preferably it would be a place where it’s always warm, yet not in a tourist trap, and preferably with no other people around. Well, I suppose I would need a few different people to enjoy some of these things with me.

These are a few places I found online that – even though touristy – are pretty nice to look at anyhow.
Tree Hotel – The Mirrorcube Room in Sweden just looks really cool, and there are others – The Bird Nest, The UFO, etc.

Tree house cabins in Olympos, Turkey on the beach near mountains – lots of swimming, kayaking, hiking, and exploring.

Tree house bungalows in St. Lucia overlooking the Carribean and the Pitons, again – water and mountains.

There’s just something about tree houses… A tree house with access to the beach AND mountains would just be heaven.
Okay, time to get moving. It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day – sunny, but still cold. Some tropical weather would be really nice right now.

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