Dayhab never showed. I feel drained. Don’t read unless you want to “hear” my bitchfest.

The new dayhab girl never showed today.

I feel drained
after dealing with Sarah all day and am glad Jamie had a chance to go with her dad today and do something fun (Bob’s Sugar Shack), and just get away from here. After Sarah got hold of and broke a couple of Jamie’s porcelain dolls this morning she wasn’t very happy.

I feel drained after listening to (texting) a friend, and it would be really nice to have someone I could unload all of my problems onto. Guess that’s why I blog. No, I know I’m being selfish. Others have been there for me. I’ve had plenty of times when people have been there for me (of course I’ve been there for them too). It’s just not my turn right now. Sometimes it’s just someone else’s turn to vent.

“Keep in touch.” Actually, I AM the one who keeps in touch. I AM the one who get’s back in touch eventually when I don’t hear from someone in a while – with everyone. Facebook for instance – probably about 99% of the people I had on Facebook wouldn’t have been on my list had I not searched for THEM or seen them on someone’s list and requested them. Feeling very much ignored and forgotten about at the moment. I don’t want to bring down anyone who may read this, it’s just how I feel and this is the one place I can get that off my chest. “And how are things with you and yours?” at least would have been nice. No matter what I have going on and how much I vent, I always seem to find it in me to eventually ask about the other person, their family, their work, whatever, not just brush them off and discard them when I’m done.

[*A wise man I know made me realize that this scenario should probably had made me feel valued. And it actually did very much – way after the fact when I was no longer pouty and I no longer felt drained, after it kicked in that at that moment my friend was having a harder time and more severe worries than me at the moment.]

I really am losing faith in human beings.

I’m hoping the changes in Sarah’s meds bring her ammonia level and liver enzymes down. I’m also hoping the reduction in the first med doesn’t change her too much. She’s hitting more again, throwing more, and becoming more obsessive. Have to call Monday about a couple of prescriptions and dental prep for Sarah since we’re attempting x-rays again in a week or so with a better sedative.

I’m hoping the dog is okay. I have to call the vet Monday. Seizures are more frequent and she has a lump on her “cheek” for lack of a better word.

I have to get the van in at some point to get checked out for a safety recall thing.

Ron screwed up something in the checkbook and we’re in the hole. I’m hoping a job prospect comes through.

My one saving grace for Sunday – Sarah loves her NASCAR.

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