Good day with the girls for the most part but they both have colds and even the dog isn’t feeling well

Today was a girly day, highlighted by Jamie and I smudging thick black eyeliner, way too much dark glittery eye shadow, and bright pink lipstick on our faces – oh, and stuffing brownies in our faces. The rest of the day was routine “Sarah stuff” like dancing to loud music in her room, wheeling her around the basement, chasing Jamie around the pool table.

Our little chi-weenie is not feeling well. Jamie noticed today that Rosy has a lump on her right side “cheek”, and she squeaks if you touch it. She’s been sneezy, too – don’t know if that has anything to do with anything – we’ve all been sneezy. She also had another seizure today and I know it was just earlier this week she had her last one. They are becoming extremely frequent. When we first got Rosy, the seizures were maybe once every few months (previous owners had said they saw them a few times a year). Looks like Monday I’m going to have to call for a vet appointment. After her seizure she pooped and peed in the house and I know she didn’t mean to but of course she felt bad that she did it and she seemed so sad. She was sulking behind the recliner so I had Jamie put her in her kennel – with the door open – with her pillow, blanky, and stuffed dog, and that’s where she stayed for a good couple of hours before I took her outside to try to pee and now she’s up beside me asleep on the recliner. Poor baby. I hope she’s okay.

I also have a bunch of calls I need to make in the next week for Sarah’s medical stuff and Monday Ron and I are going to get ourselves into some routine because “we” (I) don’t want to be like Homer Simpson – “What lap? All I see is a gut with knees.”.

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