Don’t. Even. Ask.

Went for a nice vigorous walk earlier.  Ron came with me, so I challenged myself with staying two steps ahead of him while he challenged himself to keep up with me.  Then tonight we had brownies.
 And when we have brownies, we have brownies.  We can eat a pan in one sitting, but choose to spread it out over two.  😛

So, I can’t remember what I was going to blog about.  Oh.  Oh yeah.  Jenny McCarthy was on ‘Two and a Half Men’ tonight, so I looked her up on Wiki just for the heck of it.  She’s a kook who helped spread the hysteria about the autism/vaccine relationship so  people (sheep) idiotically decided NOT to vaccinate their children.  (But, hey, at least she has nice tits.)

Speaking of which, I read that when she was going to college for nursing, she decided to send pictures to Playboy to try to make a few bucks and made $25,000 as Playmate of the month and etc., etc. (If you know who she is, you know she’s done a couple of things since and nursing isn’t one of them.)  So I got to thinking…

Maybe that would motivate me to lay off the brownies.  Yeah.  Say I lay off the brownies, get fit and hot and stuff, then…  THEN… I try to go for $25,000 at the ripe old age (for PB) of (by then) 39 or 40. Oldest PMOM to date was 35.  Forty would be a new record.  Yep, there’s my new goal.  I’m going to send pictures to Playboy when I turn 40, which will be (not this, but next) September, and maybe they’ll line me up for March and dub it “MILF Month”.  Of course the “LF” in MILF are my initials…  March Is… LF Month!  Yes!  Maybe I’ll start writing the proposal now.  My mind works in mysterious ways.

Don’t.  Even.  Ask.  Seriously.

Haha. I’m so full of shit. 😛

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