Rosie update etc.

I took Rosie to the vet this afternoon.  She had a check-up and some labs drawn to rule out some problems that could be causing her seizures.
 Her labs were fine, which means her seizures are caused by epilepsy, treatable with phenobarbital.  I started her on that today and we’ll follow-up in four weeks with labs again to make sure she’s at the right dose and also to make sure the med isn’t causing liver damage.  She was also given antibiotics in case her cheek lump is a tooth infection, which it didn’t see to be.  The vet couldn’t see any problem with her teeth and the lump has actually gone down a lot since Saturday, but still will treat just in case.  All of this – the visit, the labs, and the two medications – totaled $154.  Amazing how cheap that is compared to what it would have cost for a visit, labs, and meds for a person for the same issues, same meds.

Just had a nice chat on the phone with BFF and it was nice to hear his voice (even though it was an accidental call due to my returning a pocket dial  :-P).  Keeping him and T in my thoughts and hope everything works out for them with work issues.

Had a texting marathon late into the night with a young buck friend last night.  Can’t seem to run out of things to chat about but poor thing fell asleep mid-conversation.  It was cute.

Texted kayaking friend today saying he’d better not forget me now that I’m not on FB, and we need to make sure we hook up for some kayaking this summer.

Should probably make an effort to contact some others but that’s it for one day I think.  😛

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