They say “love is multiplied, not divided”.   As a mom of three, I know this is true.  Think about it. If you have one child you love with all of your heart, then you have a second child, a third, or more, you won’t love your first child less or have to divvy out a limited supply of love because you only have a maximum amount to give. That would be silly. Nobody would have multiple children if that were the case. Rather than divide, love multiplies and you have an unlimited supply of love for each of your children. Now apply this same idea to other relationships – all of your relatives (well, maybe not all) and friends.

Each of us has the capacity to love as many people as we happen to love in our lifetime, and maintain and grow an unlimited number of relationships no matter what form they may take or how they may evolve. Why not romantic relationships, too? The one thing that really bugged me throughout reading the “Twilight” series was that Bella had to choose between Edward and Jacob.  Why?  Well, because society says she has to choose. Well, I thought she should be with both Edward AND Jacob – she loved them both in different ways and they each could have fulfilled different desires within her. I believe you can love different people in different ways and for different reasons. Each person you love possesses unique qualities and has a specific purpose in your life, as do you for them.

Most people who consider themselves “normal” have been in love with many different people, just not typically at the same time. They have been monogamous with several different people but at different times in their lives (serial monogamy) or outwardly monogamous but secretly  non-monogamous (affairs) because they just can’t seem to conform. Then people get hurt. Divorce/break-ups happen, etc.

What if you don’t have to be held to societal limitations and are lucky enough to find a partner who is open to openness, thus eliminating dishonesty or suppression of natural feelings?

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