Thoughts About Love and Happiness

Love is when you enjoy making someone else happy, and when love is reciprocated, that person enjoys making you happy too.
The trick is that you can’t make someone else happy if you have no happiness within yourself to give. So first, you have to choose happiness so you’ll be ready when someone you want to share it with comes into your life . (Rather than “I need to find someone who will make me happy.”)
When you choose happiness and are ready to share it, you will automatically attract someone who also has chosen happiness and is ready to share theirs with you. Thus, you will spill over onto each other, creating so much gushing lovey happiness you’ll need a mop and that sounds really gross but “awwwww...”
So, how to be happy and ready for love and icky messes?
Make the choice to be happy.
Take care of yourself and your own needs and don’t require others to take care of you and fulfill your needs.
Find activities you love to do and fill up your life with these activities that make you happy.
Service to others. Do things to help other people and make others feel good about themselves.
Be aware of ‘bitchy resting face’. Try to smile because someone is more likely to fall in love with your smile than your bitch face.
Misery loves company, so don’t be miserable or you’ll make other people miserable and attract those who will shower you with their own misery.

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