Been awhile

Been awhile since I’ve blogged, but things are going very well.
S’s behavior is back tolerable, and even good, since her med was increased and her level has built back up again.  J’s talent show performance at school went well.  T successfully (I believe he said 3.75 GPA) completed his first year of college, plus a May term course, and will start a couple more summer classes next week.  R’s still enjoying his job and may get a schedule change soon that, along with dayhab and school for S, will be more accommodating for me and allow me to get a full-time day job.  That’s another thing – I got another rejection from Acadia and nothing further from EMMC yet and they’re actually in the news again, apparently cutting even more positions so I’m not holding my breath.  So I’m going to keep looking, and with the hope that R can change his schedule, I’ll be looking at the full-time medical office jobs I’ve been passing over.

Also, I have another prospect, a possible remote job with the IT corporation that D works for, which would be really sweet.  I could get up in the morning and work right in my jammies.  He told his bosses about me and passed my resume along to them.  He said it would probably take 6-8 weeks or so to hear anything from them.  I’ll keep looking in the meantime.

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