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So, I enjoyed another amazing retreat yesterday. The last time was a whole month ago and there’s no way in HELL we can wait that long again. Our 18 wonderful hours were well worth the wait though. We’ve really had a chance to learn a lot about each other and form a really tight bond. We clicked instantly as it was, and every day brings us closer and closer, literally closer to the day we get to see each other again and closer emotionally. I cannot imagine my life without him now and the most wonderful thing is that he feels exactly the same way and we told each other for the first time – and several times – yesterday. We’ve both been toeing the line over the past month but not crossing the line, because we’ve both wanted to wait and say the words we wanted to say in person. When we had to part the last time we were together, it took us an hour outside my car to say goodnight, and just a day or two after, we discovered that we had both wanted to tell the other how we felt but thought that it was too soon. Wow. This is really incredible. And this cloud we’re on could last indefinitely considering we can only see each other every couple/few weeks. We can’t go a month again, that’s for sure. But how ever often we can be together, we’re going to make every second count. Life is really good.

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