My 8-year marriage has recently become open and I’m exploring a polyamorous way of life with my wonderful and supportive husband and a really sweet and caring man I met from Southern Maine who is also in an open marriage. He has become a pretty important part of my life in just the last couple of months. It is a dream! We have the most perfect connection. We are very similar in our personalities, both introverted, we’re on the same level intellectually and share the same sense of humor, and we *get* each other, often verbalizing the exact same thought at the same time. We are so in tune with each other and seem to be on exactly the same page. Perfect from the start, like pieces from the same puzzle.

I’ve never felt like I was cut out to be with only one person. I’m now able to freely experience and express feelings I haven’t felt in a long time which, when I finally married, I figured I would never have again. I’m also finally comfortable and honest enough with myself to aknowledge that if this new person I met had been a woman, we could have connected and it could have taken the same course. I mean, why not? That possibility still exists and maybe someday that will happen. Although I very rarely encounter the particular type that I click with. I actually can’t stand the majority of women. 😛 I have always been attracted to people in general for different reasons though, regardless of gender, and have been open about that with male partners (ie: openly check out and comment on attractive men and women). There’s nothing like having a supportive spouse and being able to experience love without limits and just let relationships grow in whatever natural direction they take, without worrying that someone else may not think it’s “right”. I think I have finally reached the point in my life where I don’t give a crap what anyone else thinks of me, and that’s a great place to be.

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