If Our Walls Could Talk, They Would Say “Owww”

Christmas was uneventful, relaxing and stress-free because I’m not into it enough to let myself get stressed about it and thankfully, Sarah has calmed down enough that we can actually relax sometimes, which is nice.

Maybe it’s Ron working in retail, my lack of religion, lack of family around or just my plain lack of give-a-crap.  Maybe all of the above.  But Christmas has just become another day to me. I. Do. Not. Care.

Gifts were minimal but no one seemed entirely disappointed. Can’t go wrong with money.  Although my older daughter was telling her friends she got money and perfume instead of money and a giant jar of pickles. 😛 It’s a running joke gift for her at our house because she always eats all of the pickles.  She gets a kick out of it and laughs.  But she must not think her friends would understand.

Sarah got a couple of new things. A truck she’d been holding since she got it already had a tire break off when she threw it.  All she wants to do with kinetic sand is eat it. She picked out a baby doll at the store today and so far it still has all of its limbs.

Speaking of destruction…

Sarah was sitting in her room on her beanbag chair, playing with a toy earlier today when she started kicking her walls so she was banned from her room for awhile. She can be destructive.  Not on purpose.  Not usually out of anger or boredom.  Her feet just get going, whether in excitement or for sensory reasons. She stomps her feet and if she happens to be close enough to a wall, the wall gets it. Close enough to you, you get it.  It’s fun to kick the wall and feel your feet against it and hear the sound I guess.  So she gets banned from her room.

One of these days when we can afford to do it (we haven’t even been able to replace ceiling tiles in the living room yet from our nasty leaks last winter so who knows when that will be – at least we got the roof reshingled) I want to reinforce Sarah’s walls with something sturdier than drywall.  That crap is too flimsy for Sarah.  This is what her walls look like:


This is where she was kicking today.


This is the area she kicked in last year, which is hidden by her dresser.


This is the area she kicked when her bed was by this wall. Now there’s a big entertainment center hiding it.


Another picture of the area she kicked today that shows where the sheets of drywall are splitting apart.


Not her room, but another area she kicked in the past, in our hallway.

It is ridiculous but we really needed to have a house built with some sturdier materials, but who knew?  Maybe we’ll get around to it some day.


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