C –

I was a little or maybe a lot weepy  this morning because:

1. I just have been lately.

2. Period? Although it’s the middle to end now so I should be past the PMDD.

3. School vacation.  Sarah. Need I say more?

4. Jamie came home from her dad’s and was immediately bitchy. She ended up reminding me that it’s just that she doesn’t like mornings.  I totally get that.

5. My java grade is a C-. I emailed my instructor to go over my grades again because it looks like my final program was averaged in with homework when it was supposed to count as half of my final.  Also, homework was supposed to count for a higher percentage of the overall final course grade, so from what I figured it seems like my overall average should’ve been a few points higher than it was. Oh well we’ll see.  I have to get at least a C in CIS-related courses for this degree so I might end up scrapping this whole thing because of that one programming class.  Really not sure why I’m doing this anyway.  Getting into debt just so I can say I finally got a degree nevermind that it’s just an A.S.  I am so frustrated with myself. Nothing new there.

(Update: 1/1/15. It’s all good. Post for nothing. Yay!)

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