New Year’s Eve 2015

Ah, New Year’s Eve.  A good night to be thankful you’re no longer on Facebook to glare at what fun everyone else is having while you are sitting at home, kid asleep, husband asleep (works tomorrow morning), by your middle-aged self, reading the blog you found of an old classmate you were never friends with but realize you really like her – judging by her blog – and think you should have been friends.

But then again, you are drinking.  (Or something.)


And you realize you’re a stalker.

But not just any stalker, A New Year’s Eve internet stalker.


While maybe drunk or something.

You’re a stalker who suddenly realizes that she writes quite a bit better when under said influence than when sober.  This distracts the writer long enough to forget what she had been writing about and remember that it’s New Year’s Eve!  Happy New Year!  Eat, drink or whatever, and be merry! 

And remember… never Facebook stalk and write blog posts about it when you’re drunk or whatever on New Year’s Eve.

One thought on “New Year’s Eve 2015

  1. Cootie Buns says:

    Wow. Drunk (or something) Pookie was fun last night 😛 I wish I could have seen it firsthand, lol. You are awesome, both drunk (or something) and sober 🙂


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