Carb Addiction

This morning’s reading:

Chips.  I can’t eat just one.  I can, however, eat one whole bag in one sitting.  Gross, I know, but yep.

Coffee with flavored creamer.  My whole day of eating gets off to a bad start with that sweetened, flavored liquid coffee creamer.  Way too much in way too many cups of coffee.

Ice cream.  We buy the big tubs of it and have it every night, a heaping bowl with chocolate syrup on top.

Cookies/brownies. If we have these, it’s not two out the cookies or one little 2×2 square odd brownie, it’s 7 cookies or a quarter of a pan of brownies.  With a TALL glass of milk, too.  It’s disgusting. Well, it’s actually quite tasty.

These are things I need to stay away from.  I don’t know if it’s addiction or if things just become a habit, but either way, I have to put a stop to eating these things and my husband has to stop bringing them to me – it becomes a routine.  It’s awful.  Chips.  I can’t just have a bag of them in the house for a week and have a few with my sandwich for lunch. No. Chips don’t last a day in this house.

I have a hard time refusing things. Like this morning, my husband cooked up fried eggs and toast and just brought a plate of them over to me. Didn’t ask (I would’ve said “sure”), just brought it over and put it down in front of me.

Same with the coffee usually, but this morning he asked and I did say “no, I’m all set,” after two cups.

Yes, I’m complaining about my husband waiting on me. What a rough life, right?  😛

Update: A bit later today, Ron’s Lay’s Stax were sitting on the counter. A little more than half a container. I shared a few with Sarah because she was making the ‘more’ sign. Then guess who finished them. Yup.

Moderation, he says. Yeah. Okay. I’m sure people who get their hands on some heroin ration themselves and make it last a week, too.

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