The Social Network: Is Facebook Killing Us?

This comment from HubPages user, Spirit Whisperer, sums it up nicely:

I agree with your sentiments. I deleted my Facebook account, not deactivated it, deleted it…I also had my children do the same. it means we are out of the loop and to be honest, the withdrawal symptoms weren’t that bad…I have reclaimed another chunk of time I used to freely give to something that did nothing to enhance the quality of my life… Social Networking is Man’s latest attempt to fix the problem of the emptiness He feels. The emptiness I speak of is a result of our choice to make material gain the purpose of our lives. Children no longer grow up with their parents because both parents work and to alleviate the resulting guilt that parents feel as a result they give their children “things”. Children now equate love with “things”. There are sacrifices to be made in order to put love and our children first but many of today’s people are not willing to let go of the luxuries thay have now made their necessities.

What did I do before I had a phone in my hands?  Or any screen in my face?  I first got a computer and Internet when my middle child was born, almost 16 years ago.  I’d be interested and horrified to calculate how many hours/days/months/years I’ve wasted since then.  While I started out majoring in CIS because of an interest in web development, the thought of contributing to this disease of society sickens me. I can’t even finish this post. Signing off.

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