I-95 Pileup


I left Augusta at 6:30 this morning and pulled into my driveway in Brewer at 12:30 pm.

“More than 40* vehicles involved in I-95 pileup, 17 people taken to Bangor hospitals -” http://bangordailynews.com/2015/02/25/news/bangor/i-95-closed-due-to-multi-vehicle-pileup/
(*The count is now up to 75 vehicles.)

People in Maine:  please learn to drive in the snow.

Flashing 45 mph signs are there for a reason.

Tractor trailer trucks –  stay out of the passing lane especially at 65+mph.

Hotshots in SUVs and pickup trucks and just hotshots in general –  even if you think you can handle going faster,  please think about other people who are just trying to stay on the road.  When it’s snowing or the snow is light and drifting,  and the passing lane isn’t clear, you are causing whiteout conditions for the people you are passing. Several times while I was keeping at 40-45, I had vehicles – many 18-wheelers –  rush right by me at 65 or more.  This caused a whiteout so it was difficult for me to see very far ahead and difficult for people coming up behind me to see me. Some came up behind me pretty fast until they realized I was there in front of them.

When I came upon the accidents, I tapped my brakes to slow down but realized how slippery it was. I’m sure people went off the road for this reason.  When I couldn’t stop,  I shifted down into second, then first, to help slow me down enough to come to a stop.

There’s another point for people –  Try downshifting.  Don’t slam on your brakes.

After sitting for 3 hours, we were directed to turn around and go south down I95N to get on I95S and find a detour back North.  I was again getting passed by idiots, just hoping I’d make it to the exit I needed. I ended up taking Etna exit, went through Stetson, Carmel, then Hermon to take 395 to Brewer.

With my white knuckles, heart in my throat, and desperation to pee and have some coffee and breakfast, I got out of this easy. Many people were not that fortunate but thankfully no one was killed.

Thank you to the people who put themselves in the middle of messes like these every day to help people.

Drivers – please slow down, heed the flashing 45mph warnings, stop unnecessary passing, downshift when just braking doesn’t cut it and come on. We’re not racing.  There’s no I-95 Cup.  Getting to the end quicker doesn’t mean you win.



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