This Asshole Named Peri

Well at least I can place partial blame for my recent and current dramatic moodiness (understatement) on perimenopause, not just being a 43 year-old emo dissatisfied with her status in life. This is the first time I’ve been a week and a half late starting my period that I haven’t been feverishly counting back the days on a calendar, trying to figure out if a swimmer might have slipped through since my last period.  I feel like my body is  clearly still expecting a period to happen any moment now.  And my husband annoys the hell out of me just by moving or breathing. I try to be humorous when I complain about him shifting positions in bed  for the ten millionth time in five minutes but it doesnt really work.  He just acts like a big baby.  And that’s even more annoying. 


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