It Can’t Rain Forever

…as they say. Right now it’s calm. Maybe – or most definitely – it is the calm before the next storm, but that is life isn’t it? No one ever reaches a point where everything is perfect in life and things stay that way happily-ever-after-the-end, right? I don’t know why I always seem to think that the goal is to reach the ultimate plateau of perfect days and remain there for the rest of my life. It’s impossible.

Some days are rainy, windy and cold and it’s better just to stay in, some are sunshine and blue skies and those are the days to bask in and draw out as long as possible. No matter what kind of day it is though, it pays to live it in the moment and remember exactly what it feels like so on the worst days, you can really appreciate the not so perfect but decent ones and when another rough storm comes along, you know that you’ll feel the sun on your face again most likely sooner than you think.

For now, Sarah’s sleeping through the night again and she’s calm during the day. We are getting some more services in place for her. I made up some new picture cards. I started her on some chores (with help) – putting away silverware and her plastic dishes, folding and putting away her clothes, putting her dirty clothes in the hamper and washing the windows she licks. 😛

I feel like I’m accomplishing some things. I cleaned my room, which was a disaster. I told Ron before I cleaned, it smelled like dust and old farts and French fries. I vacuumed up about six spiders all said and done. I moved a rocking chair and end table from my room to Sarah’s – forcing myself to put my laundry away. I sorted through and got rid of a huge pile of papers from the filing cabinet. Life feels better clean and organized.

But there’s the dog. who has a raging case of fleas and Ron bought the cheap stuff (Hartz instead of Frontline) and it’s not helping at all and she’s out of flea shampoo. Need to get some Knockout spray, too. So see? There’s always something.

But hey, it’s November 14th and I was still getting away with wearing flip-flops outside as of yesterday. Today was quite a bit colder and windy, but there’s always tomorrow.

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