Not My List

I am so disappointed with myself and how I spend my time—really how I’ve spent the last I-don’t-even-want-to-count-how-many years. Time I plan for writing, or even doing something as mundane as making a grocery list, gets taken over by reading articles or scrolling through something that catches my eye on my phone, looking for handy apps, installing and exploring them, so I never actually get started on what I set out to do. Before I know it, Sarah’s home then it’s dinner, cuddle time, then time to go to bed. I’ll decided I’m going to find someplace to work out. So I’ll browse, research and compare and then never sign up for anything. The decision becomes too overwhelming. I finally decided I was going to try Zumba again when I saw an event notification on Facebook for a farewell Zumba party for the instructor. That seems about right. My goal list completion for 2015 was pitiful. I haven’t made a new list yet for this year and it’s 12 days overdue. This post could’ve been that list but once again, I’m procrastinating. 😛 Tomorrow the list!

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