Scheduling Frustration

I have a job interview on Thursday and now I’m having anxiety about that because I found out today Ron’s schedule is changing in April and that it will change every six months. This time around, it will be 8 days on/6 days off – 11a-11p, days as yet unspecified. How am I supposed to work around that?

Sarah was approved for 20 of the 30 hours requested for Section 28. Pretty much as expected so we won’t appeal it.

So how do we want to use the 20 hours, I was asked. Ideally, 3 hours after school 4 or 5 days to total 12 or 15, with the remaining 5-8 hours on Sat and Sun (somewhere in the span of 9a-1p each day to work out to 20 total).

Well they have someone who can do T and Th (which were not my top weekdays needed right now only because Ron’s off T-Th and the person they found for the weekend isn’t available morning or early afternoon. Why do I need those hours? Well, is that relevant?

I know I’m starting to sound demanding on the phone. I am frustrated and I know it’s apparent in my tone. I’m used to taking whatever we can get for help since our respite texts me Sunday am to let me know if she can do her couple hours at 10, 12 or 2 later that day. 😛

I know things won’t ever be perfect and we’re lucky to even get services for Sarah. I don’t mean to be so demanding and seem ungrateful, I really am grateful. I just wish scheduling (esp Ron’s) would work out better for us and stay consistent. My frustration comes out sometimes.

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