Interviews Are Stressful

I always come out of a job interview feeling pretty confident (and relieved it’s over) until I go over it again and again in my head, rethinking and picking apart every little thing. I tend to be comfortable in the beginning but after a while, my mouth gets dry. I try to use humor (nervous humor – not good) and sound relaxed but then I come right out and admit I’m nervous. In answering questions, I know what I want to say but the words – simple everyday words – suddenly disappear from my vocabulary. I keep my hands under the table because I’m self-conscious of my lack of nicely-groomed manicured nails (I bite the heck out of them) plus I generally don’t talk with my hands like most people do. I am aware clasping/fidgeting my hands under the table gives me a posture that is read as feeling small and closed off. I feel like I stumble, ramble, start talking too fast, get off track, and sound like a hyper third grader. I always think after the fact of the words I had been searching for, answers I should have given or elaborated on, and questions I should have asked. But it is what it is. The interview is over, they are now discussing (for no more than 30 seconds) the looney toon who came in this morning, and life will go on. I’m pretty sure I did say some things they liked. I smiled, shook hands firmly, used eye contact and if they put that all with my resume and call my former employers, I’m positive they would hire me. They will. They will. The job is mine. I work there already and I am very grateful for my job. Just putting a little positive vibe law of attraction tao witchcraft magic psychic woo woo out there into the universe.

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