I Am

The Power of I Am

I love this extremely eye-opening video and “I am” NOT religious in the least. I have been listening a lot lately though to videos like this, as well as Wayne Dyer speaking about the Tao and Alan Watts and his philosophy for some inspiration and spirituality in a life where sometimes I feel buried alive and am grasping for something to pull myself out. But I don’t believe in the ideas of organized religions or at least salvation or heaven and hell. It is interesting to think though about universal laws and how everything is energy and it can neither be created nor destroyed so it goes back to the source to be used again in something else that’s created. It’s nice to think that maybe we are eternal beings that get more than one chance to experience life, especially in terms of thinking about special needs people like Sarah or babies or children who die. Wouldn’t it be nice to think we all–including them–are perfect spiritual beings having one of many physical experiences? That someday nonverbal Sarah’s energy could be reused–or soul could experience existence again–in the body of a great speaker? Or singer? Or bird or butterfly. That a miscarried/aborted baby or child who died of cancer could have another chance in another form? It’s sad to think this is all there is and I can wrap my head around this easier than I can things like a savior, sin, heaven or hell.

On another note, I had an interview Tuesday for the perfect job for me right now, perfect flexible part-time hours, wonderful friendly understanding managers and a good group of people in what really sounds like a positive place to work. I am so hopeful. I have a very good feeling about it.

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