McCabe Gets Life

McCabe Gets Life

“After the boy’s death, McCabe’s in-laws described her as a woman in the throes of a breakdown who had been driven to the brink by the stress of caring for an autistic child and disabled husband.”

As a parent of a similar child, I understand the stress of feeling like you’re doing a life sentence. I’ve had breakdowns. I’ve had times when I’ve told Ron to go back to MI and take his daughter with him. 😦

This life is hard. Sometimes you feel alone and it doesn’t help when you reach out to people you thought would care and they turn a blind eye or worse, minimize your problems by telling you everyone has issues, just get over it. But there is help out there and when I feel like we’re not getting what we need, I push harder for services. I can seem like a downright entitled bitch at times, but this is why.

No matter what, I could never resort to what this woman did. I could never never hurt this sweet beautiful girl who loves everyone and is full of hugs and kisses. Sarah gets extra hugs and kisses when she gets home from school today.

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